07 October 2007


I'm a bad sister. After consulting with little sister, we decided not to go and watch our brother run in the TC 10 Mile today. Instead, I slept in a bit (I was actually just waking up when he finished the race), lazed about and drank coffee whilst watching the Barefoot Contessa (why do I watch that rich, snooty bitch?) and Nigella (drool). Then, I took off on a very roundabout route to get to the gym.

I called my brother after I got home (eventually, I had to take a different roundabout route home from the gym). He was telling me how cool it was to have strangers all along the route cheering you on as you run. So, all these random people were out at the asscrack of dawn, cheering for my brother as he ran (and ran well, I might add. I am seriously impressed with his results). And I was fucking around, sleeping and working out. I'm a shitty, shitty sister.

Yeah, he's never been terribly supportive of anything my sister and I have done. He's the youngest, so he missed out on a lot of it. Still, he's always the one to wait until the last minute to see if something better might come up when we ask him to do something with us. He's the one who ditches family to hang out with his friends. So, really, what do I owe him? Probably not much.

But that still doesn't stop me from feeling like the World's Most Craptastic Sister.

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