16 October 2007

Gray area.

Ah, Fall. The season with wild temperature swings and interminable grayness. Also, the season where my allergies get weird and may or may not lead me to believe they are turning into a cold.

I'm in that gray area right now. My allergies had been weird (honestly, just freeze already!), but last night at the gym my chest was feeling funky. However, I had just finished an hour of cardio without using my inhaler. Hmmmm ... maybe that's why I felt like I couldn't breathe?

The ridiculous cold of my apartment isn't helping matters, either. You know how during football games when it's cold, the camera will pan the sidelines and you'll see all the big ol' defensive linemen sitting on the bench, with steam rising from their heads? That was me after my shower last night -- except the steam was rising from everywhere. Note to the management company: I think that means it is time to turn on the heat.

When I woke up this morning, I felt pretty rested and generally awesome. The longer I was awake, though, the less awesome and more tired I felt. Is my neck stiff from yoga on Saturday and being craned in some rather unnatural positions on Sunday? Or is it because I'm getting sick? Am I tired just because I didn't sleep well Saturday or Sunday and it's catching up with me? Or is it less of a tired feeling and more of that foggy feeling that goes with a cold? Or is it just this damn gray and rainy that won't go away? Why can't I tell?

Do I brave the rain and stay up late to see my beloved Neko Case and the rest of The New Pornographers at First Avenue tonight? Or do I stop at Chiang Mai on my way home, pick up some tom yam and go to bed early?


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Me? I'd give up just about anything for thai food.

Jess said...

Thai food is a very nice consolation prize for just about anything.

At least I won't be letting anyone but myself down if I skip the show. Yet another reason it's nice to see bands on your own.

blythe said...

see them! do it for those of us who live in sad little towns where the cool kids refuse to play.

Jess said...

Oh, blythe. If only I was younger and carefree like you.