15 October 2007

Down goes The Bob Saget Fan Club.

It had to happen some time. I was under no illusions that my fantasy football team, The Bob Saget Fan Club, could get through the season undefeated. Starting out 5-0 with two consecutive high-point weeks isn't bad, right?

Besides, it turns out there are things way better than remaining undefeated in fantasy football. Things like, a bacon chocolate bar. Yes, you read that correctly. My taste test compatriot and I tried one last night. Results? Jess: Salt! Chocolate! *tiny food orgasm* Taste Test Compatriot: Creepy and wrong. Done after a single bite. Note: He is not creepy and wrong. He thought the candy bar was creepy and wrong. He is really quite delightful.

Oh, but it gets better than fancy chocolate. The taste test compatriot was really excellent company. It was nice to have someone around to console me after my first loss. Though, I wasn't completely embarrassed in my loss like he was. So perhaps I was doing more consoling than being consoled. Anyway, I totally forgot that football was even on.

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