25 October 2007

Does this mean I'm officially a Gym Rat?

Last night after yoga, I invited my New Yoga Friend, Mollie, to the pub crawl. After all these years, I've finally crossed that line and made a friend at the gym and have invited her to do a non-gym activity.

How did this happen? Yeah, in high school and college I worked out with friends more often than not, but they were friends or roommates and we went to the gym together. And even though I'm all about working out by myself and have been for years, I sometimes run into friends (or as was the case when I lived in Mankato, my brother's friends and my former teachers -- creepy) who use the same gym I do. But I've never made a friend at the gym and brought them into my non-gym life.

I do take some consolation in knowing that I met Mollie in yoga class, not because we hang out and shoot the shit between sets on the lat pulldown machine. That seems more acceptable to me somehow. Plus, she loves Prince and Bill Clinton. What's not to like? Now KayGee and I will have someone else with whom we can do drunken yoga.

I suppose this was bound to happen, what with me mocking Macho Man when I hung out with him and all of his gym rat friends. And Lord knows I've been spending enough time at the gym lately. I'm drawing the line here, though. Well, until we go on the yoga retreat in May. It seems as if the people who went to the first one last month have done some bonding. But that's several months away and I'll have time to get used to the idea of being a gym rat.

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