19 October 2007

Can you stand the rain?

I wonder whatever happened to my New Edition's Greatest Hits album. I had to have had it at some point in my life. If I had it right now, I would be listening to "Can You Stand The Rain" on a continuous loop.

Really, that's must-have CD for my collection. I better put it on my list.

And my answer to this question posed by ... who sang that song? In my head, it sounds like Johnny Gill. But now that I say that, it could totally be Ralph Tresvant. Turns out it is both, but Ralph Tresvant seems to be singing the lead on the chorus (I watched the video linked above). Anyway, my answer to this timeless question is: I don't think so, y'all. I need to see the sun or I'm going to start cutting.

Actually, it's not that bad. I'm pretty damn happy at the moment. I spent half my time at the gym last night staring off in to space with what was most likely a goofy grin on my face. But I'm still sick of this never-ending rain. Come on, Mother Nature. I need some Vitamin D. Please?


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Was your goofy grin aimed at the guy with the beard?

Jess said...

Ugh, no. I'm over his beard. And it wasn't aimed at the trainer who winked at me last week, either.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Look, "Can't Stop the Rain" was recorded by Ann Peebles. Crappy use of that seminal song by shitty 90's bands doesn't make anything else OK.

this love of Bell Biv Davoe or whatever makes me anxious.


Jess said...

Oh, don't be such a baby. At least it's not New Kids on the Block.