01 September 2007

Man, do I love a bargain.

After yoga today, I went out to the Southtown Herberger's to see if I could find myself some good deals. My mom had called yesterday to make sure I knew they were having a big sale (after my sister had called to tell me mom had called her about that and something else). Then reading about the deals Sarah scored clinched it for me.

I'm glad I put in a little effort. I didn't see a damn thing with my cursory glance at either clothes or shoes. With a little effort, I managed to find two shirts, a Tommy Hilfiger skirt (ewww, I know, but you wouldn't know it by looking at it ... plus, it was two sizes smaller than the jeans I had to give up a couple of weeks ago because they were too big) and these shoes. I'm so in love with these shoes. I'm tempted to wear them out tonight, but I don't really think it's a great idea to break them in when I have to walk to the bus. They're super comfy, though. It almost seems kind of doable.

But you're wanting to know how much money I saved, aren't you? You're not? Oh, well, whatever. I'm going to tell you anyway.

Original price of the skirt: $79, the shirts: $48 each and the shoes: $59.

My final price? The skirt: $11, the shirts: $6 and the shoes: $8.80.

SCORE! I don't mind shopping when I can get in and out quickly and I can get super-great deals like I did today.

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