12 September 2007

Last block party of the summer.

Oh, it's so sad, isn't it? Saturday is the Bryant Lake Bowl block party, the last of the summer. One last chance to drink beer, listen to local bands, eat an absolutely delightful brat and watch the hipsters go by. So what if I'll need a sweater?

The last block party of the summer seems a bit odd coming after a day where I saw my breath as I walked to catch the bus (which I did finally, but only because I was there 10 minutes early). Even more disconcerting? The heat is on in my office building. THE HEAT! God, I hate this time of year at work. I cannot dress for the weather and be comfortable in my office. It may be 40 degrees outside, but I'm sweating bullets at my desk. Fun! And don't tell me to layer. You can only layer so much. Stripping down to your undies is not acceptable, as it turns out.

I shouldn't lament about the last block party of summer too loudly. Outdoor drinking opportunities are far from over. The Autumn Brew Review is just around the corner. Hooray for beer festivals! I just have to see if I can cajole some friends into going with me.

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