11 September 2007

I can't outsmart the bus.

Today is finally the day that I log in and rant about Metro Transit and how fucked up my buses have been this summer and now into the fall. Yes, the bridge collapse has had an effect; especially now that the U is back in session. But I started getting home 15-30 minutes late every. single. day. months before the bridge collapsed.

I would say that was mostly due to the construction on Lake and Lyndale. However, the bus was always well past late before we even hit the detour. The ripple effect comes into play, I guess. Except on the days my bus actually picked me up on time. I've resigned myself to getting off the bus late on my way home. And really, it wasn't much worse after the bridge collapsed.

Things were fine until Move-In Day at the U. That added 20 minutes to my commute in the morning and at night. So, I decided to skip my first bus and just walk to where I could pick up the 4. This was only terrible the first day when I was wearing three-inch heels and walked eight blocks from the bus stop instead of just leaving from the office. And the days that it felt like we were living in Satan's Asshole. Though, I'd already gotten sweaty on the still, airless bus in the morning on those days.

This week though, my morning commute has been about a half hour longer even with the avoiding of University Avenue. After weeks of arriving one to four minutes late, my bus has showed up somewhere in the neighborhood of five to six minutes early. This of course means that I missed the bus and had to wait 20 minutes to catch the bus I needed, which ended up running 10 minutes late by the time I hit my stop. Awesome.

I really, really, REALLY have tried to avoid the whole "leave earlier" thing. I am not good in the morning. But it seems like that is my only option, if the bus is going to show up so early. I try to be at the stop five minutes early -- there's only seven minutes between my bus and the bus before it anyway. But fat lot of good those five minutes do me when my bus goes by as I am block away.

Tomorrow, I'll have to get up early so I can catch 4. Perhaps then I'll be at the stop early enough to catch the 4B. Of course, you realize this means the 4B will be late tomorrow. I guess I finally have to accept the fact that my bus commute now sucks as much as my commute did when I drove to work. Oh well.

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