25 September 2007

I am such an idiot.

Our interwebs were down off and on all day yesterday at work and I took some of that time to clean the various receipts and other paper out of the pockets of my planner. I came across a letter I wrote to Whatshisfuckingface a day or two after he left for South Africa.

Sweet, merciful crap. I was such a fuckwit about him. Why I held on to that letter for over a year is beyond me. Maybe I meant to stick it in my journal or something and forgot about it. Too late for that anyway, the journal that contained anything about him was purged and now holds my loose recipes.

Boys make me crazy. Sometimes in good ways, other times in bad ways. There's plenty I want to say on the subject, but I'm really conflicted because The Boy I Currently Like may or may not read this. While that doesn't put me at a loss for words, it makes my fingers not want to type them out.

*sigh* I wish we could go back to these days:

Photo from swissmiss.


Lucy Rhode said...

Best of luck with the Boy you Currently Like.

You aren't an idiot until you've been caked with mud, which is how I feel after falling for the boy who prefers another.

Jess said...

Thanks, Lucy. Lord knows I need all the luck I can scrape together when it comes to boys.

I think we've all had the caked with mud feeling at some point. It sucks mega big time.

Lucy Rhode said...

I'm guessing that in the long run, it will suck worse for the mud slinger. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Jess said...

If there is any justice at all in the world, that certainly would be the case.

Lucy Rhode said...

Now that I have had a few degrees of separation and a night in my own bed, I have regained my generosity of spirit. I wish him nothing but peace, continued intellectual curiosity and flowers. I don't want life to suck for either of them.