28 September 2007

Brit's is family-friendly.

After work yesterday, I met the Targetron at The Local for happy hour. Let me first apologize to Ms. Targetron for such a lame blog nickname. I know there's something better (The Future Mrs. Dirk Nowitzki?), but I'm a wee bit hung over and it's the best I can do on such short notice.

We managed to persuade her other half (I'm leaning toward Comic Book Guy for him, but I'm not committed to it yet) and The Slat to meet us for more drinks. However, we decided to go somewhere else to continue our night-long happy hour because sweet, merciful Jesus was The Local loud. Targetron and I were practically sitting in each other's laps and we were still losing our voices from shouting at each other.

When The Slat arrived, we headed outside to determine our next stop. We considered Mackenzie because we'd never been there, but kind of assumed it might be a bit more low-key and quiet. However, Ryan Adams was playing at the State Theater, just down the street and we figured there might be concertgoers pre-partying there.

Brit's is just down the street from The Local, and with tons more space, we figured that might be our best bet. It was quieter on the roof, save for the screaming baby. Gee, why would the baby be screaming? Certainly not because it was windy and cool up there. Cover that poor thing's head! Of course there could be any number of other reasons for a baby to by crying (it's what they do), but even I (not the most maternal of sorts) would have probably gone inside as a first option to see if that stopped the wailing. These people, however, were having none of that. I can't remember if they were still out on the roof by the time we decided we were too cold to stay out here. I hope not.

I'm really not sure when Brit's turned into Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag, but man, there were at least three other school-age kids in the bar besides the baby. Seriously? Kids at the bar on a school night? Shit. I don't go out that often on a school night and I'm an adult. It's not a common sight to see kids in bars at all, especially at night, especially in Downtown Minneapolis.

It's not like I'm being all puritanical about kids being around drinking or anything. Christ, that was a very regular thing when I was growing up. But I don't recall being in bars all that often. Maybe the kids don't need much sleep. Perhaps they didn't have school today. Could have been a bunch of special occasions.

Is it weird that it seemed odd to me? Am I missing out on some new trend in parenting? I'm not judging. I just found it odd and somewhat blog-worthy, I guess.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Kids in bars? Uh - not so much. I can't get my drunky flirt on with a 5 year old staring at me with a finger up his nose.

Anonymous said...

I wish my parents would have been cool enough to bring me to bars when I was a kid. But noooo we had to do homework and go to bed. Happily, now I am alcoholism-free because of it.

Jess said...

Yeah, it's totally awesome to work the room with a screaming baby as your soundtrack.

That doing homework and going to bed shit is for the birds. It backfired on my parents just like making me go to Mass every week did. Now I'm a Godless drunk. Nice move, mom and dad!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that particular baby cries whenever it is surrounded by annoying hipsters.

Brits was a bad choice then, yeah?

Jess said...

Oh, come on. Babies are dumb. It had no idea that any of us were hipsters, annoying or otherwise. If anything, it was probably all the suits that made the poor thing fussy.

L'Austin Translation said...

A friend and I went to grab burgers at this new place. On a Sunday night about 9pm, it was crawling with families.

These were of the 3-4 year-old, talk back kind. With the kind of parents that doesn't want to quench their child's personality so they don't discipline.

We both looked at each other and almost sighed simultaneously, "I am SOOO not ready for kids."

I mean, seriously... what are people thinking? No kids in bars... go home by 9pm with your brat. And a spanking now and then never hurt anyone.