27 August 2007


The pub crawl went well on Saturday. It seems like everyone had fun, and that's really all I wanted.

We did karaoke at the Otter. Entered the meat raffle at the Vegas Lounge. We didn't win, which was a good thing. What the hell would we have done with a box of hamburger and bacon for the remaining six bars on our list? Nicked peanut butter packets from the Spring Street Bar & Grill (where we saw two mullets!). Drank a lot. The cowbell really helped us stay on schedule. I spent a lot of money.

Before Saturday, I was a bit worried that people at the bars might be annoyed. That didn't seem to be the case, though. The karaoke woman at the Otter loved us. The bartender at the Vegas Lounge gave us $5 for the juke box. Everyone seemed really cool.

I was a little disappointed that like, eight people didn't show up. But these were the people who never RSVPed to me -- it was someone else saying, "Oh, I talked to these guys and they're planning to be there." So, of course I included them in the button count and ended up spending $20 extra on buttons. It's not a huge deal, but next time I know better. If you don't RSVP, you're not getting a button or whatever it is we're using. Just have to be more of a hard ass, I guess. I didn't want anyone to be left out.

Of course, that little wrinkle isn't enough to deter me. We're totally doing a light rail pub crawl in October. That will require a dry run, most likely. And a little more planning in regard to travel time. I should probably get working on it soon.

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