15 August 2007

It only took a month!

Yes, it only took a month for eHarmony to find me a third "match." Yes, a military guy 10 years older and an inch shorter than me. We're off to a smashing start there. Ooooh, he's got what seems to be an oddly close mentoring relationship with his best friend? Nice. And he makes certain to stress his faith is very important to him.

I'm sure he'd be all over a drinking, cursing, commie, pinko, homo,America-hating, terrorist-loving, baby-killer like me. Yes, I have been called that.

I know Christine set up that dating blog and was more than willing to finance my eHarmony membership in the interest of "science" and hilarity, but man ... there is just no way I can bring myself to consider even fake dating the kind of dudes I'd get if I changed my profile to be all Christian-y and proper. It was a good idea, though. Maybe someday I'll be up to the task.

Quite frankly, I'm not sure I could be arsed to do any real dating at the moment. All that getting-to-know-you crap just seems so lame. I need someone who already knows that shit, or just doesn't really care. I suppose the former is preferable to the latter. Not that I really care.

I think I'll stop now. Is it any wonder at all why I'm single?


Christine said...

Man ban?

Jess said...

Yes, I think the time is quite ripe for a man ban.


Jerious Norwood said...

How tall are you again?

Jess said...

I'm 5'9". It's not like I'm freakishly tall or anything.

Jerious Norwood said...

So you were set up with a 5'8'' military man. Why are you so picky? What are the odds that he could be violent or domineering in order to compensate for a perceived lack of physical stature? Probably less than 75 or 90 percent, that's what! If I understand the standards of hetero-sexist normalcy correctly (and I think I do), I think you need to start aiming lower (deliciously, both literally and figuratively).

blythe said...

you're single because single is the new awesome. rock it!

Jess said...

I'm all for aiming lower. I barely have any standards at all.

Yet I'm always sorely disappointed, even by homophobic, Christian dating sites that think I need an older, church-going man to tame me. This is the same reasoning, I think, that leads people to single me out as needing that wee Bible or Christian literature they're handing out on the street corner. I must look like I needs me some Jebus.

I like it, blythe. Single is the new awesome! Man bans all around.