31 August 2007

I'm not cool.

Minnesota Monthly has devoted it's September issue to "cool." Does this automatically make the magazine uncool? Many would say yes.

One of the pieces is The Cool Matrix, "How the hippest Minnesotans live, love and take their coffee.

I am none of these. Actually, the only type with which I have more than a couple things in common is The Hipster Parents. Riiiiiiiight. I guess the hipster part applies. Am I devastated to find that Minnesota Monthly thinks me neither hip nor cool? Not so much.

This article: "The State of Cool," is pretty great, though. Then again, I'm an unabashed Minneapolis lover. I guess the rest of the state isn't so shabby, either.

I do take issue with a few things on the "Cool in theory" list on the second page of the article. Surly beer is as delightful as Canada and the Rollergirls and I always go to Trader Joe's after my yoga class.


Sornie said...

SOmetimes the surefire way to be cool is to not do what is supposedly cool. Hell, wear raggedy bell-bottoms and sport some long, straight hair as you listen to Celine Dion's greatest hits in your lime green Dodge Neon sporting a spoiler that sits higher than the car's roofline. It's cool because nobody else is doing exactly what you are doing.

Jess said...

Ooooh, I was with you until the Celine Dion thing.

Christine said...

I am vaguely the art student, but I'm not a student.