02 August 2007

I'll no longer scream at the drivers in front of me who slow down when crossing a bridge.

Still, the only bridge in the metro area where I never really noticed people driving along at a normal speed and then suddenly slowing to a crawl because WE'RE DRIVING OVER A BRIDGE was the I-35W bridge. I would get a little freaked out driving on it in the winter, but never just because we were driving over the river.

Thankfully, no one I know was on the bridge when it collapsed. My sister narrowly missed it, though. Probably by a half hour or less. The one time she didn't take light rail to a Twins game. It would figure.

Traffic wasn't as bad as I expected it to be this morning. Until we crossed the river on the Hennepin Avenue bridge into Northeast, that is. Then it got bad. My bus was rerouted, so we didn't go over 35W on University. But when we met back up with University at 10th Avenue, it was very easy to see the heaved-up north end of the bridge; the cars that were able to stop before the bridge dropped off into the water just parked and abandoned.

I've never been more glad to have started commuting on the bus than I am today. And I'm glad that construction kept me from driving to work. "Why sit in traffic on the bridge? I'll just leave work a half hour earlier and bus home and get my car." I want to say the last time I was on the bridge was a couple of days before the construction started. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like when the U starts classes in a month or so.

There's not really much else I can say about this. It's surreal. Shit like this doesn't happen in Minnesota. Yeah, we have horrible blizzards and tornadoes, but nothing like this. It's bizarre to turn on CNN and see them showing an area I've been going through every day on my way to and from work for three years; an area where I spent six years of undergrad and grad school and two years working on campus between undgrad and grad school. If any place in Minneapolis is home (other than the home where I live), this is it.

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Mr. Shain said...

i'm was just happy that MN took some of the spotlight off all of Oklahoma's bridge collapses.