14 August 2007

I don't come to your house and mess with your shit.

Am I the only person who has friends who feel it completely okay and sometimes even necessary, it would seem, to fuck around with my shit when they come over to my house?

It's mostly just the Macho Man and the World's Worst Wing Woman who are guilty of such behavior. Neither is ever happy to just let my iTunes playlist run while we're hanging out and having drinks or whatever. Oh no. They need to listen to something else and feel absolutely free to do so without asking.

Oh, and now there's something that simply must be Googled. And then comes the bitching about how slow my computer is. Hey! Here's a tip -- go the fuck home and use your own damn computer if you don't like it. In fact, the World's Worst Wing Woman has been banned from as much as touching my computer after her insistence that I allow her to clean up the programs on my computer and she royally fucked up my Adobe.

I suppose I'm asking for it -- what with leaving my computer out on the coffee table. I should really just put it away and hook my iPod up to the stereo. That would probably solve my problems. But still, is it just me who thinks this is rude? When I go to someone's house, I don't complain about the music they're playing. Unless, of course, they're playing something terrible specifically because I hate it. Then I might say something. I try not to complain about what's on TV. And I certainly don't change the channel the second my host walks out of the room.

Meh. I'm probably overreacting because I'm crabby. Still, I'm giving you booze (that large bottle of Maker's Mark is suspiciously empty after my only using it to make a single Manhattan) and sometimes even food and you thank me by deciding you need to play DJ or complaining about what's on TV? Man, fuck you. I'm not inviting you over any more.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! I hate that shit!!!

It's the most obnoxious thing ever! I was raised when you go to someone's house, you sit on your hands! You ask politely to use the bathroom. You say please and thank you.

The other thing in this vein that you didn't mention is when people who are over start playing with my shit. I put random stuff out on the coffee table, fine, play with it. However, when people remark about my books or pick up and ask stupid questions about random knickknacks, that really bugs me for some reason.

Thank god you wrote this post... Glad I got to bitch about this too! Thank you!

Jess said...

There's a fine line, I guess, between making people feel at home and them just taking over.

I mean, I want my friends to feel comfortable when they come over and all that -- feel free to get yourself a drink or look for food if my rattling off a list of options isn't doing it for you. But damn.

I'd rather ask for permission to do something and be told that really, I don't need to ask just go ahead; than to go ahead and do it without asking and come off as a a rude douchebag.