06 August 2007

Green thumb thwarted.

I don't have a garden, so it's not as if I have a real green thumb. However, I do have a small deck and my mom decided to plant some cilantro for me to nurture. Well, it didn't grow. Nor did many of her herbs at home.

So, she gave me the remaining seeds in the packet, plus some basil and mint. I scraped up a bit of the soil (with a fork!) in the pot and dumped a bunch of seeds in. As you can see, I'm good at the gardening. Much to my shock, things started growing! Seeds that I planted were growing. Me -- the girl who usually kills plants. The herbs were even growing enough that I had to thin them out (like I said, I just dumped the seeds in willy-nilly).

Then the day came where a friend was going to come over and we were going to get pizza and strew it with fresh basil. And when I came home from yoga that morning, the pot was all dug up. Fiends! Who dares to destroy my cilantro? 'Cause the basil was mostly okay.

I fixed things up as best I could and awoke the next morning to more destruction. Bastards! Who was doing this? Squirrels? God, I hate them so. That cat from next door who lounges around on my deck like he owns the place? (I swear, cats are attracted to me just like kids are. I think it's because they know I don't like them.) My sister said it was chipmunks. Sure, they look adorable. But they're plant-wreckers.

I was not daunted. Okay, I was a little daunted. But I planted some more seeds and moved the pot to the railing of the deck. Yeah, it's not the most stable place in the world. I took solace in the fact that perhaps whatever dug it up would be crushed under the weight of the pot, should they all take a tumble.

Everything appeared to be okay for a while. My ivy plant was not disturbed in the same spot where the herbs had been ravaged. The herbs were even growing again!

Then I returned home from work one day last week to find a hole in the soil around the ivy. Little damage done, but I moved it anyway. Perhaps I moved it too close to the herbs, because when I checked Saturday morning, the perpetrator had once again torn up the soil and herbs in the pot.

Now, I'm officially daunted. I haven't even cleaned the mess up yet. Should I bother? Obviously, the plant terrorists are winning. How can I keep varmints away? I mean, it's a deck. It's not like I can put a wee fence around the plants or anything. *sigh* Why must I fail at every attempt at gardening?

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