21 August 2007

Could it really be true? Is it really over?

I haven't heard from Booty Call Matt in almost six weeks. I'm beginning to think that this whole thing is over. And I'm pretty happy about that.

Gone are the mildly inappropriate late-night phone calls. Gone are the more inappropriate 30 or 40 late-night phone calls. Gone is the taking a break during the 30 to 40 phone calls to pound on my door for a little while. And gone is the wholly inappropriate coming to my bedroom window and saying, "Jess! Jess! Why aren't you answering your phone?" after I ignored the inappropriate late-night phone calls and pounding on the door.

I don't know why. Maybe he got a girlfriend. Maybe he got bored with me. Perhaps my attitude after the bedroom window incident made him realize ... something? It really doesn't matter to me one way or another. I let things get out of hand with the showing up at my door and all that. And really, three years is just too long for me to be involved with him.

It's not as if I'd never tried to end it. When I was dating Whatshisfuckingface I tried. Obviously, it didn't take. Early on, I could ignore his calls for weeks at a time. That didn't work in my new place, where I was on the first floor of a house and there was no security door. In retrospect, I probably should never have let him come over after I'd moved. But hindsight's always 20/20, isn't it?

So, now I'm free. I don't have that crutch that might have kept me from dating or getting involved with someone (aside from Whatshisfuckingface). I could maybe have a real relationship. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Oh, like that'll happen. At the very least, I don't have to worry about him showing up at my doorstep if I've got someone else over at my house. I always worried that he would pull that shit when I had a friend crashing on the couch or, God forbid, my sister staying with me.

Of course, I've said this before about Booty Call Matt. He invariably calls after I proclaim him out of my life. Something about this time feels different, though.


Jen said...

I had really hoped he'd show up one of those times I visited. Oh well. RIP Booty Call Matt. I will miss all the stories of you. Love, Jen

Jess said...

I'll probably miss telling the stories as much as anyone will miss hearing them.

I'm really surprised he never did show up or even call on the nights when someone was staying with me. Except that night Carrie had to sneak out the back door of my apartment with a steak knife ...

Christine said...

Wow. This is news.

L'Austin Translation said...

You trusted Carrie with a steak knife?

And good, BC Matt was too clingy