10 August 2007

Block rockin'.

Tomorrow is the Pizza Luce Block Party -- beer, brats, pizza and live music. And it's all outside! Does it get any better than this?

Why yes. Yes, it does get better. This will be my second block party as an actual neighbor of Pizza Luce. When the writing was on the wall that my old apartment on Hennepin would be turning into condos in the near future, my search for a new place took me to a fourplex on Lyndale.

The place honestly didn't look that great. The kid who lived there had it all dark and he chain smoked like a motherfucker. Honestly, it took months for the smell to come out completely. GROSS. But there were nice hardwood floors, high ceilings, a deck(!) and ... well, when it came time for the Pizza Luce block party, I could PEE AT MY OWN HOUSE.

Sad as it may be, that was a real selling point. Lord knows I'm not a fan of porta potties. I mean, who is? Well, there probably are people who fetishize them. There are as many fetishes as there are people in the world, most likely. Still, I am not one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to walk home and pee in the clean comfort of my own bathroom. There is free water at my house, even!

And I really enjoyed being able to haul all my friends over to hang out on the deck afterward. I'll even have beer and food this year. Not like last year when we hauled pizza over and sent people to buy beer. I'm starting to get better at this hostessing thing, I think.

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