30 July 2007

With friends like these ...

A few days (or a week or two? I can't really remember) ago, I was hanging out with the World's Worst Wing Woman. She said to me, quite out of the blue, "You need to have your life fall apart so I can be there to pick up all the pieces for you."

Um, what?

"You need to have some major life crisis, like when you broke up with Whatshisfuckingface, so I can be there for you to help you through it."

Are you kidding me? Who wants something like that to happen to someone you consider one of your best friends? No matter that it was just a year ago that did happen. I don't want to go through something like that again. Certainly not now and preferably not ever.

I know she's been going through a lot of stuff recently and perhaps would welcome the distraction from what's going on in her own life. But damn. Can't you just be glad for me that my life is on a relatively even keel at the moment? God forbid I'm content with my life for a few months.

Sometimes I really have to wonder if being friends with her is worth it.

1 comment:

Mr. Shain said...

it's not. trust me, i know from experience (blythe).