27 July 2007

Pub crawlin'.

I'm planning a pub crawl. I've had this wild hair up my ass all summer to have a pub crawl. A few months ago, I'd thought it would be cool to do one a month in different neighborhoods -- Uptown, Northeast, maybe a light rail pub crawl. I'm not sure why the mild interest I've had over the years suddenly transformed itself into something resembling an obsession this year, but it did. And I can no longer ignore it.

As it turns out, The Social Worker thought we should have an end-of-summer bash. I figured this would be the time to unleash the pub crawl idea. And it was! Actually, I'd told Christine about it a couple of weeks ago and she was totally down with the idea. This is a very good thing, because we're doing it the day before her big milestone birthday.

The Social Worker, Sweetness and I were at Lyle's last night for an impromptu happy hour and were discussing possible themes for the pub crawl. Since it's Christine's birthday and she'd talked about wanting to do a Star Wars-themed birthday, that's an option. Sweetness pointed out that 1977 was a big year for punk rock, so it could be a punk rock birthday/pub crawl. We talked about just making the theme "1977," too.

I don't really know about the need for a theme. Is it necessary? Do we need some identifying characteristic like t-shirts or buttons? I asked Brian for a bit of advice and he did mention the buttons/t-shirts. The Social Worker mentioned t-shirts, too. She had them made for The Rocker's 30th birthday, which turned out to be pretty cool. I just don't know, though.

I'm kind of anti-everyone looking the same. Plus, I fear I'm just not quite that organized. Or creative. It's not that I'm disorganized. I love putting shit into spreadsheets. I've done spreadsheets for drink specials in Uptown on given nights during the week when we're doing a mini bar crawl. I keep a spreadsheet with detailed concert information on upcoming shows in Minneapolis. I've already spent a good bit of time putting most of the Northeast bars I know into a Google map. After I did all that, I found out that you can't print the maps you create in Google. Awesome! That's so totally helpful, Google.

The big question is: which bars do we hit? Really, it isn't the end of the pub crawl that's the problem. It just makes sense to end in the Mac's Industrial/Times/Nye's/Keegan's/Whitey's/Conga/Bulldog NE area. The start of the crawl is what's vexing me. Do we start it up at Psycho Suzi's and hit Gabby's/Gasthof/Mayslack's/331 Club? Or do we start at the Vegas Lounge/Spring Street/Legends so we can hit the U Otter Stop Inn? I'm a bit more partial to the latter, I guess. I really want to include the U Otter Stop Inn and Legends reminds me of the ex-OC. Besides, we've been to Psycho Suzi's a few times this summer.

So, dear readers, do you have any advice for me? Want to join us? Am I forgetting something major?


Mr. Shain said...

you should keep that area waxed to avoid mentioned wild hair

Christine said...

I spent many a idle minute thining deeply about this! We should start at the lower portion of East Hennepin and slowly working our way up! So, organizing it strictly by which bar is the first on East Hennepin, so that's Nye's, then Times Bar/Jitters, and so forth. Fabby!

Jess said...

Despite my best grooming efforts, Mr. Shain, sometimes the wild hair gets missed. But I'll try to do better.

See, Christine, I thought it would be best to end on the lower portion of East Hennepin, as the distance between bars is much smaller and we'll have been drinking a good deal by that time. It's easier to get a herd of drunks across the street than it is to make them walk several blocks. Safety first and all that.

Sarah said...

Being a oft-times resident in the Nordeast parts of this city, I would highly recommend starting in upper northeast (Suzi's is always a good starting point) and working your way down to Nye's. By which time I'm thinking all kinds of bars are in stumbling distance.

And mostly because when I get drunk, I tend to get lost in the Mayslacks/Grumpy's NE/Knight Cap vicinity. Nye's grounds me, somehow, no matter how much gin I've consumed.

This sounds like the best. idea. ever. by the way.

blythe said...

i wanna come! too bad i live in craptown, ok.

Jess said...

Sarah, you should totally come to the pub crawl. I mean, it's in your neck of the woods!

Blythe ... I'm sure you could get a cheap flight now that you're employed and whatnot. I even have a blow-up bed!