20 July 2007

Old classmates and Harry Potter.

My class reunion is tomorrow. This also happens to be the day that Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows will arrive at my doorstep. And I'll be down on the farm.

Months ago, when I learned of the book's release date, I mentally crossed the weekend off so I could spend it holed up, reading in my apartment. When our class reunion discussions started, we were talking about next weekend. Perfect! I can go home for that and Dad's birthday. I love killing two birds with one stone when it comes to going home. Sure, it kind of conflicted with the release of The Simpsons movie, but I could hit that Thursday at midnight or on Friday.

Everything was coming up Milhouse.

Oh, but no. We couldn't do it the last weekend in July for some reason I cannot recall at the moment. Fuck. I can't tell Oldest Friend and The Stylist that this weekend was a no-go for me because I wanted to read a freakin' book. That would just not do.

After tomorrow, I'm going to have to avoid all media until I get a chance to finish the book,lest some fucktard ruin it for me. And there certainly seems to be a shitload of people out there hell-bent on ruining the surprises of this book for millions of people. What the fuck is wrong with them? I mean, really. Just what kind of asshole douchefucker do you have to be to want to ruin the outcome of a book?

Don't get me wrong -- if I was one of the people who had received a copy in the mail earlier this week, I would have called in sick to work and read that fucker in a heartbeat. However, I certainly wouldn't have given anything away to anyone. I swear to God, if someone ruins the outcome of the book for me, I will kick him or her in the crotch in front of their family. And probably punch them in the throat, too.

So, I'll spend the rest of today and tomorrow dreading my class reunion. Yes, I'm a nerd for going to my class reunion. (Yes, I'm a nerd for freaking out about not being able to read Harry Potter the day it comes out, too.) I'm an even bigger nerd for helping Oldest Friend and The Stylist plan it. No, I didn't love high school. I hated it as much as anyone else. However, I'm from a really small town and went to a very small school, so I've known a lot of these people my entire life. Oddly enough, my relationship with many of these people mirrors my relationship with my siblings. When we were all younger and in school, we fought like cats and dogs. As we age, and especially after I left home, our relationships have improved dramatically. It's the same with the people I didn't get along with in school. Some of them are completely cool people now.

And for all the dreading and whining I'm doing, I know I'll end up having a blast once I get there and have a couple of drinks. I'm really, really disappointed that Best Friend Ever won't be there, though. Sure, the mix CDs I made will probably be dissed to no end; most of the same music was in high school. But guess what fuckers? I helped plan this thing, so we'll listen to the music I brought. Mwahahahahahahahaha. There are many advantages to being a super nerd.

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