02 July 2007

No one likes a stuffy bus, right?

Seriously, who wants to ride on a non-air conditioned bus in the summer with all the windows closed? My fellow riders on the 4B in the mornings, it would seem.

Come on, people. The bus is gross enough as it is. We don't need to sit there in the still, stale, hot air and feel like we are slowly suffocating and if we don't stop and at least open the door soon I'M GOING TO SCREAM.

I love riding in a vehicle with the windows down. Yeah, it messes up my hair, but what can you do? Fresh air is awesome. My luck being what it is, I end up with a seat on on the bus by a window that doesn't open. Then comes the struggle -- do I get up and try another seat with another window to see if it will open? How hard do I try to get the window open? How many different seats can I try without looking like some kind of freak? Should I just sit here and suffer? I CAN'T BREATHE.

I'm glad I've become a major bus rider. My car is leaking antifreeze like that's its job. I knew this day was coming. Right before I started commuting to work on the bus I'd taken my car in to get some work done and I was told that I had a small hole in my manifold gasket. It was fine at the time and didn't leak enough to cause a problem other than requiring me to put antifreeze in my car a couple times a year.

But either something else is wrong, or the hole finally got big enough that I need to take care of the problem. And it ain't a cheap problem. If I remember correctly, this is going to cost $700-$800. *cries* Looks like I'm going to be grounded for July. Possibly August, as well. Just when I think I've got a little extra cash laying around, something comes along and snatches it up.

For whatever reason, I'm really not super stressed out about this. No, I'm not drunk. Not at the moment, anyway. Car issues usually have me ready to start cutting. I guess now that I know I can get around pretty damn easily on the bus it's not as much of an issue. Plus, it's summer, so walking is a very reasonable option.

I have a deck and lots of booze at my house and a TV to watch the Twins. What else do I need? Music? Check and fucking check. It's sure as hell not $3 to play 10 songs at my house. *cough*Herkimer*cough* Being grounded as an adult (especially when you ground yourself) really isn't a bad thing.

The impending grounding won't stop me from hitting up Psycho Suzi's tonight for the MNspeak gathering with Christine, though.


Christine said...

I'll buy the drinks since you're having expensive car problems.

Jess said...

Oh, goodness. That's not necessary. I can't even take it in until next week when I get paid.

I'm not uber poor right now. But you're just like, the sweetest thing ever.