31 July 2007

It looks like this is goodbye.

Farewell, KG. I hope you'll understand that I won't be able to watch you. For a while, anyway. It'll just hurt too much. Thanks for all the good times, and for making the not-so-good times bearable.

To Kevin McHale and Glen Taylor: Fuck you. How could you screw up the only good thing that ever happened to this franchise? I hope you both contract a particularly virulent and drug resistant strain of gonorrhea. The Timberwolves are dead to me.

To Kirk Hinrich: You and your Bulls have been promoted from my second-favorite team to Favorite Team status. Congrats!


Jerious Norwood said...

Once a Celtic, always a Celtic. Kevin, you did well my friend. But seriously, Al Jefferson is a franchise type stud starting this year, and Gerald Green has the talent to be Tracy McGrady within three. Its going to be OK.

Jess said...

It doesn't matter if it will be okay. I just can't see myself giving a shit about the Wolves anymore. KG was the only reason I've cared about them for the last couple of years.

My only reason to watch is gone.

Jen said...

It'll be ok, Jessy. Watching that little elf who plays for the Bulls will help ease the pain, I'm sure. If not, there's always beer.

Sornie said...

The only good thing to happen to this franchise? What about Christian Laettner, J.R. Rider or Stephon Marbury? Oh, yeah, they sucked. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

The Bulls? The Bulls?!?

I'm afraid I have no choice but to "boo" you, Jess.



Later on, there may also be some hissing.

Jess said...

Does it matter at all, Big Blue Monkey, that I wasn't a fan in the Jordan era?

It's not my fault that my friend said that Kirk Hinrich looked like he should be wearing a black suit on stage with Interpol when we were watching Kansas take on Arizona in the NCAA playoffs. I fell a little bit in love then. What's a girl to do?