18 July 2007

Baby, you can't drive my car. I'm not sure I can, either.

With my leaking radiator looming over my head, I've been thinking a lot about what I'm going to do when the Achieva finally dies. Okay, not a lot, really. But the matter crosses my mind from time to time. She has a lot of miles, but is apparently in decent shape. And I don't drive it a whole lot these days.

I've thought about doing Hour Car. It does work out to be cheaper. I think I've even mentioned that to my family. Being from a rural area, we all had it ingrained into us to be dependent on vehicles. God, I freaked out when I was carless my freshman year of college. Even a couple of years ago, the thought of not having my car for a day or two would send me into a mild panic. Now? It sits for days at a time.

My brother said, "What if there is some kind of emergency?" Dude, I cannot live my life or make my transportation choices based on the fact that there might be an emergency in the suburbs or at the farm at some point in time. Besides, I have friends. I'm sure someone would take pity on my situation. There are even these things called "cabs" or "taxis" one can take instead of using the bus or taking one's own vehicle. Really, it's a marvelous world in which we live.

The Sister said the same thing as The Brother did. Then she said she'd be forced to find someone else to be her emergency contact. Well, if you must. My heart will break and all that, but I'll manage to survive somehow. Five minutes later, she tells me that she actually changed her emergency contact person when I started taking the bus to work. AWESOME!

Don't get me wrong, I like being able to take my car to the gym or being able to run all my errands at once and haul bags upon bags from the grocery store, Target and whatever other places I've visited. But it's not like it's an absolute necessity. I'm driving less and less all the time. Gas is expensive. Insurance is expensive. Driving is bad for the environment. It's impossible for me to drive drunk if I'm on the bus or in a cab.

The thing that weighs on me most about the whole car issue, though, revolves around my family. Jesus H. Christ, I'm 33 years old. I shouldn't feel like I'm doing something bad by considering giving up my car once I've finally driven it into the ground. So, they'll have to work a little harder to see me. I'm okay with that.

I'm not sure what's with all my unnecessary worrying this week. I have no issues with boys because I have zero interest in them at the moment, so my silly fretting has to find a different outlet? I'm momentarily over the whole dog thing. The car thing can combine with my excitement/dread about my class reunion on Saturday. Wheeeeeeee!


Diana said...

I had to giggle when I read "The thing that weighs on me most about the whole car issue, though, revolves around my family. Jesus H. Christ, I'm 33 years old. I shouldn't feel like I'm doing something bad by considering giving up my car once I've finally driven it into the ground."

I'm 32, my parents cannot BELIEVE I sold my car and that my husband and I live with only one (we live near the U, he works there, I work downtown...and we work opposite shifts. Who needs more than one?) Not only that, but when we sell the condo, I will not entertain living in the 'burbs. Yes, Hopkins is still the 'burbs. I will live in Minneapolis or St. Paul, and no where else.


Now my mom's latest tactic to get me to move down to Chanhassen, where they are (where I did not grow up, btw), is to mention how much "cleaner" the SWMetro Transit buses are than the city buses I get around in now. Yeah, they might not have people pissing in the aisles, but I wouldn't call the suburban people "cleaner". We are all dirty in our own way...some of us are just more hidden about it.

Jess said...

I cannot tell you how good it feels to know I'm not alone, diana. Seriously.

And I'm with you on living in the city. If it means I'm living in an apartment because I can't afford to buy a house, I don't really care.

Sure, the SWMetro Tranist buses might be technically "cleaner." Probably a bit safer and not populated by as many crazies. But then where would you get material to post on Bus Tales or Overheard in Minneapolis?

Kristin said...

With no car insurance, gas, or repairs that frees up all kinds of cash for a dog! Go ahead, do it.

Ranty said...

Many of my friends are without cars, and my husband and I shared a car between us for years. We lived near the U, biked/walked/bussed to campus, and basically used the car for groceries and weekend outings.

Those were the days, I tell ya!

I HATE driving.

Jess said...

Alas, no car means more time spent on the bus which means less time for a dog ...

Ranty, driving is the suck. There are days when I'm heading out to the 'burbs to do something with my sister and nephew and I'm sitting in this interminable line of cars and I just want to weep. I can't imagine doing that every day. I don't know how I used to do it every day. GROSS.