03 July 2007


That's right bitches. Morris Day and The motherfucking Time are playing tonight at the Taste of Minnesota. I'm totally stoked. I haven't seen them since ... 2004, I think, when they played Peavey Plaza before the Twins started in the playoffs that year. Oh yeah, Tapes n' Tapes are playing later.

I don't think I've been to the Taste since it was moved to Harriet Island. I believe the last musical act I went there to see was Blondie. And we also saw Chubby Checker selling food of some nature. Then we saw him get up on stage with the band and do "The Twist." All in all, it was pretty bitchin'.

I finally busted out my "meh." flask for today. I took a picture with my phone, but my phone sucks and won't send the picture to my e-mail and I have no idea where my online photo album is. T-Mobile's website sucks big, hairy donkey balls, too, which is not helping matters any.

Oh well. Because I've not been able to find a wee funnel anywhere, I had to improvise when pouring Maker's Mark into the flask last night. Tinfoil and a spouted measuring cup did the trick, until it overflowed. I feel so bad for wasting good bourbon.

The MNspeak thing was fun last night, even if Christine wanted to leave early. It was kind of odd to meet people who read this here blog. I mean, I know people read it; I see the stats and have conversations with them in the comments. But at the same time, to meet complete strangers who know probably almost as much about my sex life (if they read that stuff) as my good friends do, is just a wee bit strange. Yet terribly cool at the same time.

So, hi to any of you reading this right now. Or whenever it is that you're reading it. I suppose you can't really be reading it right now because I'm just typing it right now and I'm the only person who can see it.

Did I mention Morris Day and The Time?


Jerious Norwood said...

While I like Morris Day as much as the next person, please don't call me a bitch.

Jess said...

You're no fun, Jerious Norwood.

Jerious Norwood said...

Oh sure, now I'm the bad guy. But on a happier note, BBC correspondent Alan Johnston has been released after almost four months in captivity!!! The guy kicks a lot of ass (metaphorically speaking).

kat said...

I don't normally comment and I am never jealous but I can't stand silent knowing that you are going to see Morris Day and The Time. I'm completely jealous - IT'S NOT FAIR!!!