25 June 2007

What a difference a year makes.

As of today, it has been one year since Whatshisfuckingface left for South Africa. I've not spoken to him or heard from him since he walked out my door the morning before he left. He didn't even thank me for the book I gave him as a going away present. Asshole. I'm honestly a little surprised by this, if only because guys I've dated almost always seem to pop up in my life once I think they're really, truly gone for good. Of course, these are always very inopportune times for me. I guess I've been lucky with this one.

It's so ridiculous to look back on how absolutely crushed I was back then. I feel like a complete moron. Obviously, it wasn't the end of the world. Oh, but it always seems like it is. The truth is, I wasn't happy and hadn't been for much of the time I was with him. It needed to end. I knew it then and it's pretty damn obvious when I go back and read the things I was writing then.

At the very least, I have Whatshisfuckingface to thank for being a major catalyst behind my start in blogging. For that, I really am grateful to him. But that's about it.

My life in the intervening months hasn't exactly been a dating whirlwind. Besides Detlef, there was only one other guy that lasted past the first date. I even had something post-Detlef that was over before it started. Awesome! Granted, I needed time to get over Whatshisfuckingface, so that cut down on the dating time. Still, I can't say I'm not happy with my life as it is. Dating is a lot of work for usually very little reward. I'd much rather skip all of that crap.

If only you could just jump into a fully-formed relationship. I suppose that's the idea behind the "friends first" theory of dating.

I would have written this yesterday, but I was too busy capping off a Pride weekend that I spent having an absolutely fantastic time with some of the people I love most in this world. Bands, beer, barhopping, sushi, drinks on a rooftop crowded with tools, Guitar Hero, beer gardens, gay bars ... it was pretty kick ass. A much better weekend than last year's Pride for me, anyway.


Mr. Shain said...

"A much better weekend than last year's Pride for me, anyway." - uttered every year by hundreds of gay men who caught the HIV as last year's Pride. hmm.

Jess said...

Yes, I suppose the year you get the HIV would probably be the worst. Pride. Ever. Well, in hindsight, anyway.

blythe said...

oh yes. i totally and completely understand. it's amazing what a year can do, but it still takes a long time. i think. (even if he does have a new girlfriend, has completely forgotten me after 7 years, etc...)