27 June 2007

Oh, come on. I know I'd do better than that.

You have a 55% chance of surviving a zombie outbreak

You would do pretty well, maybe killing a zombie or two along the way, but you would end up doing something retarded and be a part of the living dead

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Seriously. I'm pretty sure I'd do okay if there was a zombie outbreak. I know the signs. I know what to do.

I've been trying to formulate a post for the past couple of days on how distraught I am at the idea of Kevin Garnett being traded. But I've wanted to wait to see what's going to happen and I've not really known exactly what I wanted to say or how I wanted to say it.

I shit you not, I was nearly in tears on Monday when I read about the trade talks that would send him to the Lakers. I mean, I'm starting to accept the idea that he won't be in a Wolves uniform at the start of the next season. And if his departure gets him a ring, I guess it'll be worth it.

But to see him go to play alongside the basketball player -- no, the athlete -- I hate most in the world is just too fucking much. Kevin Garnett is obviously my favorite member of the Wolves ever. He's also my favorite basketball player in general and I'd go so far as to say he's my favorite athlete. I was head-over-heels smitten with him from the moment the Wolves drafted him. I feel much the same about Johan Santana, except that's more along the lines of the first time I saw him pitch I was smitten.

I could deal with KG going to say, the Suns. I would probably buy the NBA League Pass so I could see him play with Steve Nash. Quite frankly, I think it would be an absolutely beautiful thing to watch. I like the Suns as it is. Boston? Atlanta? Meh. I've not read the details of all the proposed deals floating around out there, so I'm not even sure the scenario involving Atlanta would have The Big Ticket heading there.

The Lakers deal, though ... that one would be devastating. There's no way in hell I could change my allegiance. I'm not even sure I could bear to watch a single minute of a game. And what would happen to my franchise-long fandom of the Wolves? Um, if Kwame fucking Brown is on the team, it's gone. I can maybe get a little excited about watching Randy Foye and Craig Smith, but it's really tough to say how much I'd pay attention once there's no KG to watch.

I guess it's good that I've become a Bulls fan over the last couple of years, due to the thing I have for Kirk Hinrich. Don't judge! I have a thing in general for tall, goofy-looking, white guys who play basketball. I can't help it. Anyway, I hated the Bulls in the Jordan era, but I find myself really enjoying their scrappy play under Scott Skiles. So, at the very least, I'll have a fall-back team and may not wander the NBA wasteland as a fan without a team, like I am when it comes to the NFL.

Hmmmm ... it would seem I did create my KG trade blog entry after all.


Mr. Shain said...

is it possible for zombie dogs to exist? seriously...

Jess said...

You'd think so, wouldn't you? Except maybe zombieism isn't passed between species. Would zombie dogs eat the brains of zombie humans and vice versa? Or would they stick to their own kind?

Obviously, someone needs to do some research on this. I wonder if we could get a grant from the NIH or something.