22 June 2007

It's gonna be a gay old time.

It's Pride weekend in the Minneapple. I'm currently just pissing away the afternoon until it's time to head to the Bryant Lake Bowl block party.

In a way, it'll be just like my Saturday night last week at home. Except there will be more gays. Better fashion. More hipsters. And the music will be much, much better (Bob Mould!) Oh, and the beer will be better. The food! The food will be much better, too. Last year, there was this cucumber salad in a white balsamic vinaigrette. Oh dear sweet Jebus, it was divine. Plus, it's like, five blocks from my apartment. So, yeah, it's drinking outdoors with music on a blocked-off street. The essential elements are the same.

When I spend so much time hanging out with my gay friends (and I have a lot of them), is it any wonder I don't meet guys? Not so much, I suppose. Do I care? Again, not so much. My friends mean the world to me and I'd rather spend time with them doing whatever than going out somewhere on a mission to meet boys. Blech. Besides, I know that my straight guy friends can't be the only ones in this city so secure in their sexuality that they'll spend time at gay bars or at Pride events. At least I hope that's the case.

Anyway, go out and get your Pride on this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you on Friday night! I spent my Pride Saturday at the park and Sunday at the parade and Pi! I got my Pride on!!