01 June 2007

Ah beer, my one weakness.

"My Achilles heel if you will."

I'd been kind of mopey this week because for the first time in five years, it looked as if I wouldn't be going to the City Pages Beer Festival tomorrow. Carrie didn't want to go and everyone else was either out of town or going to see Kiss of the Spider Woman.

But by yesterday I'd kind of gotten over it. I was content with the idea of staying home and watching the Twins take on Oaktown and trying my hand at the retro cocktails (Old Fashioned, Tom Collins, Manhattan) I've been wanting to make.

I mean, the beer festival has gotten so crowded. It can be hard to get beer and all that. And I did just go to Arborfest a month ago. Still ...

Lucky for me, Carrie changed her mind and so I will be attending for the sixth consecutive year. I will sample many beers and get very drunk, I'm sure. Possibly flirt with some boys. Even though there are a ton of people, they're usually polite and happy because, well, there's so much BEER! Hopefully it won't rain, but if it does, such is life.

See you there, suckers!


blythe said...

beer yes, manhattans, no. i try to like fancy cocktails, but beer is pretty much the only thing that does it for me. have fun!

Jess said...

I used to be all and only about the beer. But lately I've been drinking cocktails and red wine far more. Maybe it's part of growing up? Hahahahahahahaha. Right.

I can't ever give up beer. I mean, what would I drink at a baseball game? And on a hot day? Man, there is little better than a cold beer. Thanks, Dad, for teaching me that one.

Dammit, I'm thirsty.

Christine said...

I want to learn fancy cocktails with you!

Jess said...

Sweet! I just need to buy martini glasses for the Manhattans and we can get to experimenting. Perhaps I should have a party.