07 May 2007

Where are you, Joe Rock?

So, I'm one of those nerds who is all geeked up for her class reunion. In fact, I'm involved in planning this year's reunion.

Let it be known that I went to a small, rural high school. My graduating class had 72 people in it -- three were exchange students. We didn't have the normal cliques that I heard about other kids having in their high schools. You know how people of a certain age often ask the "Which Breakfast Club character were you?" My usual answer is "A little of each one." It was possible in my high school. Though, I guess I wasn't that much of a Princess or a Criminal. It's hard to be a diamond earring-wearing, sushi eater when you're the daughter of a farmer.

Our 1)-year reunion was alright. However, the real fun came after the actual reunion when we hung out at our friend Beaner's house. A few of us sat around a fire until 5:00 a.m. It was a blast. That experience is what we're trying to recreate with this reunion -- a hog roast at the lake.

It's been a challenge finding old classmates. I'm on the verge of starting to call people's parents to get their contact information. But I'm such a dork that I get all nervous about doing that kind of thing. So, Joe Rock, if you're out there, drop me a line so I don't have to call your mom and dad. Please?

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