03 May 2007

Shoddy copy editing Thursday.

Once again, it is Thursday and I'm noticing errors in Strib stories. God help me, I can't stop myself from seeing them and becoming annoyed.

There's this bit from a story about the disappearing bee phenomenon: "There would be food left for humans become some food is wind-pollinated."

And this is from a story about the WWII memorial being constructed at the capitol: "The memorial, now nearing completion, is flanked by memorials honoring vets of wars in Korean and Vietnam, erected in the 1990s."

Also, this from Jon Bream's review of last night's Amy Winehouse show: "Winehouse seemed tormentedly morose on the choruses, staring at the floor, left hand in jeans pocket; then she lit up on the choruses like a dynamic soul siren." Side note: I am so fucking kicking myself for slacking on getting a ticket for that show. I hate myself for missing it. I suck.

I thought I saw one in CJ's column today, but I either imagined it or I'm thinking of something from earlier this week. I haven't the foggiest idea why I read CJ's column. Though, her "Verbal Assault" feature is right up my alley. Someday, I will be on her Panel of Amazing Grammar Experts.

What usually happens when I make a comment about someone else's grammar or spelling? I screw something up myself, of course. The first time I typed the previous sentence it said, "or course." I'm mortified when I send an e-mail with a typo or grammatical error. The same goes for commenting on blogs or posting on message boards -- I'm absolutely filled with shame. I got problems, y'all.


Anonymous said...

45 minutes?! Jeesh! I would have loved to see that show, too.

L'Austin Translation said...

"What usually happens when I make a comment about someone else's grammar or spelling? I screw something up myself, of course."


As much as I poke fun at that stuff. I know I am guilty of it too. My blog is proof enough.

But also writing these things at work doesn't help...

Edward Buendia said...

I missed Amy Winehouse too. I am so, so sad at missing my chance of falling in love with her.

Jess said...

She has to come back. We'll all just be better prepared next time.

T, you're not getting paid to make sure your blog is error-free. I think that's what bothers me so much. And three errors on one day? That's too damn many.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does CJ, for a goddamned gossip columnist, have a pretty transparent right-wing bias?

The people she praises are very curious indeed.

And yeah, Christine, I was surprised to learn that Amy's show wasn't even an hour long, too. But to be fair, while Amy sounds like a big woman, she's a tiny, drug-addled little Brit. She's only got so much stamina.