17 May 2007

I love weiner dogs.

Wow. A double-post day. Scary!

I couldn't let this pass another day. I'm absolutely in love with dachshunds. I see at least one every time I walk around the lake and they fill me with a ridiculous amount of joy each time.

When I see a dachshund, I feel like squealing with glee. My inner toddler is laughing with delight and clapping her hands at the sight. I wish I could just lay in the grass and roll around with them for a while.

Another dog I've been seeing quite often is the Welsh Corgi. I particularly love the fat ones. Watching them waddle along the path just makes so happy for some reason.

My reaction to the Welsh Corgi isn't quite as strong as it is to the dachshund, but it's close. I find both reactions slightly odd because I really don't like small dogs.

I'm really glad I feel this way about dogs and not about all the babies I see.


Anonymous said...

you have correctly identified the 2 best small dogs (though Corgi's get pretty damn heavy, and maybe should be thought of as low center of gravity dogs)

Jess said...

Really? What do I win? A statue of Jesus showing a couple of stupid kids his sweet post-up moves?

Oh, wait ...