08 May 2007

Hurts so good.

I toasted the bread for my sandwich today (whole grain bread, turkey, reduced fat provolone cheese, spinach and pickles) and it totally scraped up my mouth. Like, the equivalent of the roof of my mouth, but on the bottom. What's that part called? I highly doubt it's called the floor. It would make sense if it was called the floor. Things so rarely make sense, though.

But the pain is so worth it. There's just something about toasting the bread that takes a lame turkey sammich up a few notches. Delicious!

This whole eating healthier thing I've been doing for a few weeks or a month is pretty awesome, by the way.


Jerious Norwood said...

Your circumspect attitude towards believing that the bottom of your mouth might be called the "floor" speaks of a deep seated cynicism that frankly worries me a bit.

Jess said...

Is that so?