20 April 2007

I'll take what's behind door number two, Monty.

The only difference between the bathroom here at work and Let's Make a Deal, is that I get to look behind each door before I make a decision. Well, I'm not winning any fabulous prizes either. Nor do I have to dress up in weird costumes. Okay, fine, it's nothing like "Let's Make a Deal." Just work with me anyway. Please?

Do I want door number one (my usual stall by the way), which looks to have either a drop of blood or horrifyingly discolored pee on the seat? How about door number two? It looks like it could be a piece of lint. I hope it's lint. Door number three? Most definitely piss on the seat.

I rolled the dice and hoped it wasn't a chunk of poo on the seat behind door number three.

It was lint. Whew. Now I just have to remember to use that same stall the rest of the day.

Also, welcome to everyone from Adventure Rider. I'm quite tickled to be one of the "strange minnesotan blogger chicks." I'm terrified of motorcycles, by the way.


Sarah said...

oddly enough, I just posted a public restroom rant on metroblogging.

and how do you get on the list of strange minneapolis blogging chicks? I want to be in that club.

Badcock said...

I have been a bartender for far more years than I would care to admit. One thing I can say with certainty: as offensively piss-hosed as a men's room can be, nothing can beat the ladies for sheer raunch.

Maybe it's the booze, but my word, I've seen messages written in excrement. Tampons littered like holiday confetti. Sinks clogged with mucous.

I thought you were the fairer sex.

Jess said...

I'd say it's a few bad apples spoiling the bunch, but sadly, I don't think that's the case. Nor is it the booze, because I've seen disgusting bathrooms in plenty of office buildings. Maybe people are drinking on the job?

Seriously, women are pretty disgusting.