25 April 2007

Fuck you, Blue Cross Minnesota.

This is kind of a part two for this entry.

When I spoke to Miles last week, he told me that just like I'd been doing with my Advair, I could get a 90-day supply of my albuterol inhaler for $50. Provided, of course, I get my doctor to write me a new prescription. Fat chance of that happening until I'm forced to go in for my annual exam, because my office copay is now $20.

Plus, I could now get the three-month supply at Walgreens. Previously, there were only certain pharmacies where you do get this benefit. Because God forbid I try to get everything at the same place.

So, I called Walgreens to have them transfer the Advair today and it all happened very quickly. I was impressed. I wanted to make sure that things worked out the way Miles had told me they would, so I went to view my prescription history and saw something very curious under cost for my 90-day supply of Advair. It said "$70.00."

Um, $70 is not $50. My first thought was that Miles was incorrect about me being able to get the three months for $50 at Walgreens. Maybe the Uptown location wasn't included for whatever stupid reason. How am I supposed to know?

I called and got a woman who wouldn't tell me her name. Nice! Things could only improve from here, right? It turns out Miles gave me "some misinformation." Well, hot fucking damn. Thank you so much. He was wrong about the albuterol inhaler, too. That'll cost $70 for three months as well.

Ms. No Name was so helpful in telling me that was basically the cost of a two-month supply. Thanks for the addition help, Francine. I do have basic math skills. She did try to tell me that I heard Miles wrong. That was nice of her. No dice though, sweet cheeks, because I made him repeat himself and made sure I had the information correct. Why go to the trouble of transferring the prescription if I'm going to pay more?

Also, how am I supposed to end that conversation? "Thanks for not apologizing for inconveniencing me. Thanks for not apologizing for one of your fellow worker bees telling me something that wasn't true. Thanks for nothing because what the fuck can I do about this? Not a goddamn thing, that's what."

Blah, blah, blah, thank goodness I even have health insurance and all that. Oh, and thanks for smoking while you were pregnant with me, mom.

Note: I totally have PMS. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Aw, PMS blog posts are probably the most entertaining.


L'Austin Translation said...

Meanwhile your counterpart in Texas is sucking the life out of her old inhaler before she has to plunk down major bucks for a new one...

Waaahhh! said...

A more apt name for this blog is "I was told there eould be Whining." And they were right!

Jess said...

Dude, I said I had fucking PMS. And that I was sorry for having PMS and daring to blog while under influence of hormones. Or, you know, that's all kind of underlying in the "sorry."

And I'm not even going to whine about your typos and random capitalizations. Or point out that I was recently raving about cake and underwear.


Waaahhh! said...

Ah! The Horror! The Horror! I remember that underwear post! Ah!

Anonymous said...

Boo for babies!