14 April 2007


Yesterday was Carrie's birthday. So, I made her a cake. I found the Smitten Kitchen recipe through Charming, but single. I'd been holding on to it since January, just looking for an occasion.

It turned out well, though I had to seriously adjust the baking time due to my using a silicon bundt pan.


Anonymous said...

That looks delish!

Virginia Belle said...

i am doing the same thing-- holding on to the recipe until i get a chance to use it! it looks fantastic, and i love that it's a bundt rather than layer--sooooo much easier!

charming, but single said...

OMG. I have been WANTING to make this cake for FOREVER. But I haven't had an excuse. I'm drooling drooling drooling over the thought of it.

Jess said...

I say screw the occasion and make the cake. Or make up a reason to make the cake. It is SO. GOOD.

L'Austin Translation said...

Oooh! I made that cake in January for a dinner party. The original frosting sucks ass so the ganache drizzle is a better idea. So is halving it. We had so much cake left over from not halving the recipe.

But it is a damn good chocolate cake.

Awww Happy Birthday, Carrie, my voice twin!