13 March 2007

You expect me to work? Really?

Sweet, merciful crap do I have Spring Fever. It's sunny and in the low 50s at the moment. I ran out to the post office and I very nearly didn't come back. Ach, if I wasn't taking Thursday and Friday off already, I'd absolutely be playing hookey today.

Stay tuned: I'm going to be blogging from the deck tonight! I will not waste this nice day before we get hit with a cold front later in the week.

Here's a preview:

Mmmmmm ... this wine is good. You can really taste the $2 difference over the Three Buck Chuck.

There's a lot of traffic tonight.

I love wine.



Anonymous said...

And your fav $5 bottle of wine is?

Jess said...

I believe it's called Bear's Lair and it's a cabernet.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Geniuses think alike! I always blog about wine!

Jess said...

Well, really, what else is there to blog about?