02 March 2007

Music Month.

Tonight I begin my quest to see as many of the bands coming to Minneapolis this month that I possibly can. There are financial constraints, of course. There's also the whole time thing to consider. I have a 9-5 job (or really 8:30-4:30) that requires me to be alert and focused most days, so I can't be out at late rock shows every night of the week. But dammit, I'm going to give it a try.

Tonight, it's Pete Yorn and Aqualung at First Ave. This means I'm missing Mark Mallman's show at the Triple Rock. Tomorrow night, my favorite band in all of Minneapolis, The Slats let us drink from the Goblet of Rock one more time before they hit the road to rock the collective socks of SXSW.

The rest of the month? Looks like this:

Cold War Kids with Tokyo Police Club
Badly Drawn Boy
The Faint
TV on the Radio
Of Montreal
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
The Roots
Blood Brothers
The Hopefuls
Maria Taylor
Kid Dakota
Piebald with MC Chris
Explosions in the Sky
Sondre Lerche

And this is just a small portion (mostly shows I want to see or am absolutely going to see because I bought tickets weeks ago) of what's going on in Minneapolis in March. Now, you may think me a wuss (or a lunatic) because I'm (only) going to try to see 20 or so shows in a month. Or you may hate the bands I'm going to see. I'm a live music-loving, elitist hipster music snob. Sorry.

When other people wonder aloud (or when I do it myself) as to why I would live somewhere that gets so cold that I can't wait for the bus with any skin exposed, lest it freeze; or somewhere it snows two feet or more in a week, I look at my calendar and see all the great bands that stop here when they tour. I check the club websites and see all the great bands who play here because they live here and I wonder why in the hell would I ever think of living anywhere else? I admit it -- I'm a shameless Minneapolis lover.

Now, I am The World's Worst Concert Photographer (seriously, I suck) but I shall not be intimidated by my own lack of skill. I plan to take a bunch of pictures at every show so as to document this crazy month of music. Of course, I'll post some of the results so you can see just how god-awful I am at the photography.

And before you know it, April will be here and it'll be time for Music Month: Redux. Or Music Month: The Sequel, if you prefer.


Big Blue Monkey said...

no mention of Bobby Bare Jr, The Silos, or Zack Galifiniakis?

hmpf. HMPF, I say!

Porridge said...

An admirable list - let's hope the weather is nice enough half of them aren't canceled like last weekend and this weekend. Snow really sucks for bands on tour. Hell, the interstate from Iowa is still barely open!

Jess said...

The snow kept two of the three members of The Slats in Iowa yesterday. But did that stop b cox from bringing the rock? No, it did not. I'm 2-2 on my list so far.

Dear Mr. Big Blue Monkey, you'll have to forgive me for those most egregious of omissions (though, I don't count comedians on the music list, whether they incorporate music into their act or not). You see, those shows were only recently brought to my attention and so I've not been able to obsess about them to the level I normally would. I mean, they're not even on my spreadsheet yet.

Christine said...

I'd go see the Faint if you tell me where and when.

Jess said...

I think The Faint will have to be a game-time decision for me. They're at First Ave on March 12 and the tickets are $16.

It all depends on how this weekend goes, what with my hometown's St. Pat's celebration on Saturday and Badly Drawn Boy on Sunday. Let's talk about it, though!

blythe said...

oh man, i am so jealous! make sure of montreal plugs in, or i'd skip that one.

i was really depressed earlier this evening when i was in borders looking at cd's noticing that all of my favorites at the moment were featured prominently in their "check this out" display racks, but now i feel better. i do have good taste. sometimes.

hello long comment.