09 March 2007

How many will there be?

Today's high temperature in Minneapolis is supposed to be in the upper 40s -- it's currently 45 according to the Star Tribune. As anyone who lives here knows, this is prime dudes in shorts time. We had a glimpse before we were buried in snow and then fell into a cold snap. But it looks like it might be around to stay now (52 on Tuesday?! *swoon*).

I know the burning question on minds everywhere is: just how many dudes in shorts will I see today?

I saw one yesterday and one today. However, the one I saw today is a wannabe thug who rides my bus and reminds me of Egghead Jr. who appeared alongside Foghorn Leghorn. He's been wearing shorts that could probably best be described as capri-length (along with the ubiquitous long white t-shirt that considerably longer than some skirts I've worn) since our first warm up and didn't stop even when it was 11 degrees earlier this week. Then again, he hasn't warm a proper coat all winter.

Perhaps over the weekend the ice- and snow-clogged sidewalks (bang-up job there, property owners in my neighborhood ... including my apartment management company) will clear so I don't have to take an extra 10 minutes to walk to and from the bus stop so I don't fall and bust my ass.

Now that I'm wireless and the temperature's on the rise, it won't be long until I'm live blogging my adventures drinking out on the deck. Or until I'm sitting out on the deck drinking at the very least. There's nothing quite like Spring in Minneapolis.


Anonymous said...

Anytime there is a mention of Foghorn Leghorn, it always makes me smile!

YAY! It's mating season!! YAY!!!

blythe said...

it's 75 in OK. as a former northerner, that's bathin' suit weather!

Jess said...

I was going to say that 75 should be bathing suit weather pretty much anywhere, but I lived in North Carolina for a year and I should realize that's not the case. I'm just happy to be able to open my windows a wee bit.

And I'll second the Yay! for mating season.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love the little Egghead. Warner Brothers had some serious 'splainin to do about the lack of Foghorn Leghorn on the the DVD's they've released thus far.

I was thinking today about the fact that this weather would have been met with much trepidation in Virginia, where I grew up--today would have been a day to wear sweats, and maybe long underwear. But here in Minnesota, it felt glorious.

And speaking as an unattached male, let me just say "Yay" to reading women talking about mating season. Yay! Hello, "ladies"!

Jess said...

Wait, why is "ladies" in quotation marks? Are you trying to insinuate that Chris and I aren't really ladies? Look, I'm not Norman Mailer, okay?

Also, I totally drove around with my windows partially down today. But in my defense, I was wearing pants.

Anonymous said...

I've determined that you are not Norman Mailer. But ladies don't talk about sports, and don't hang out in smoky bars, and don't have Booty Call people.

Ladies don't call Spring "mating season."

Ladies don't do that.

To quote Grandma Simpson (oh yeah)--"Whores use rouge. Ladies pinch."

I'm not saying you and your peeps are whores, mind you. But "ladies"? That's a stretch.

Despite all appearances to this post, I think it's important that both Chris and blythe know that I'm quite likable.

Jess said...

Oh, you meant it that way. Well, then, carry on.

I may not be a lady, but I'm surely all woman. -- SWV, "Black Puddin'"

Edward Buendia said...

Are you kidding? Don't know about Jess, but Chris is definitely a Lady... as a matter of fact, too much of a lady, in my opinion: we need to get her screwed, blued and tattooed.

Jess said...

Yeah, I'm not really much of a lady.