15 March 2007

Hoops blogging.

I'm home today from work to enjoy what are quite possibly the best days of the year -- the opening days of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. I mean, come on -- there are 32 games being played today and tomorrow. And Saturday is St. Patrick's Day, with more basketball games. I'm in heaven!

Is there any rhyme or reason for the games that CBS decides to show in a market like Minneapolis, when there obviously isn't a Minnesota team playing, or a Big Ten team playing (at the moment anyway)? Why the hell am I watching Penn and Texas A&M in the South region? How about Butler and ODU? Butler is in Indianapolis. That makes a tiny bit of sense, geographically speaking. I'd also take whatever game Kevin Harlan happens to be calling. The teams wouldn't matter, Kevin would keep me interested.

Now that the games have started, the obsessive watching of my brackets begins. I think I'm in three different pools, but only one is for money, and very little money at that. Another is for bragging rights that will soon be forgotten and the last? The last is for a Jesus statue.

I want that statue.

And if I have to see this State Farm commercial with Mike Krzyzewski a million times during the tournament, I'm switching to Geico. Or Progressive. Wait, not Geico. I can't stand those stupid-ass caveman commercials. Progressive it will be!

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