20 March 2007

Don't be that guy.

There was a kid at the Sebadoh show last night who was that guy. He was flossing his newly-purchased Sebadoh t-shirt when the band went on stage. There was nothing on my ticket that would indicate the age restriction for the show, but seeing that kid was proof positive it was an 18+ show. I guess it's nice that he's enthusiastic.

Quite honestly, I'd rather have that kind of enthusiasm than the brand of enthusiasm displayed by the girl who looked like a less severe Shelley Duvall. She squeezed in front of us right before the band started and proceeded to flail about to create more space for herself. She responded to anything that was said on stage. Lou Barlow said that they'd played a lot of great shows in Minneapolis and terrible ones, too. She came back with, "Oh, that's okay. It happens." I'm sure he was comforted. I really thought I would remember more of the stupid shit that came out of her mouth, but I'm drawing a blank now. I wasn't the only one she was making crazy, though. Toward the end of the show a guy who was a considerable distance away shouted, "Shut UP, woman," after something she said. That was nice.

There were a lot of annoying people in that crowd, including the dude who yelled, "My voice is gone!" Um, obviously it isn't if you can still yell, Sparky. And there was the person who was ripping ass and then apparently shit their pants. It's a small space. It's hot. Have a little consideration.

But none of those things ruined the show for me. It was great, from the first band through Sebadoh. Once again, though, I forgot my camera. The whole "taking pictures of all the shows I'm seeing this month" thing didn't pan out. Such is life.

The Roots play First Ave tonight, then there's nothing until March 31 (Sondre Lerche if The Slats aren't playing). Well, not nothing. There are plenty of shows between tonight and March 31, but I'm not going to them. I just can't. After four shows, plus 12 hours of drinking on St. Patrick's day, I'm beat. And there's no one I'm dying to see anyway. It'll be nice to have a weekend to be leisurely about watching basketball and not doing much else.


Christine said...

Yes! Shelley Duvall! That's it! How were The Roots?

Jess said...

It was easily the best show I've seen this year and one of the best I've seen in the last couple of years.

Christine said...

It was so effing awesome! I mean, Lou Barlow was RIGHT THERE! Even I was bantering with him! (When he kept saying, "I can't see you guys because of the lights." I said, "We're right here!") I had so much fun, the music was great and even the opening bands kind of won me over... Top 10 of all time for me.

Jess said...

I meant The Roots, since you'd asked. Sebadoh were great, but The Roots blew me away. They had a brass band as their horn section. With a sousaphone player.

Christine said...

Oh, sorry! I'm still stuck on Sebadoh. Ok. Now I'm over it. Cool about the Roots!