31 March 2007


This is the last day of the year where I will get to watch eight hours of basketball (the Bulls are playing the Cavs at the moment). Unless there's a weekend day during the early rounds of the NBA playoffs where there are games all day. Probably, but who wants to watch the Spurs? Not me, sister.

It's a perfect day to be hanging out on the couch watching hoops -- it's cold, rainy and gray in Minneapolis. I'm glad I stocked up on beer on my way home from yoga. There's no good reason to be going back out there. If there wasn't so much basketball to watch, I'd probably be napping.

I'm tantalizingly close to doing well in all of my NCAA pools, still. However, in the grand scheme of things I don't think I have a chance to win anything. So brackets be damned -- I'm cheering for Georgetown. I nearly went to grad school there, if for no other reason.

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