25 March 2007

Bacony Blogiversary.

One year ago today, I started this blog. I'd actually started blogging on MySpace in December 2005. It wasn't until June that I decided to blog here exclusively.

One of the reasons I started blogging was to have an outlet for some of the crap I was going through with the guy I was dating at the time. I wasn't in a very good place. Quite frankly, the whole thing was making me crazy. I'm not too proud to admit that.

Looking back, it's hard to believe I was in such a bad place a year ago. When I was on my way back from my first walk of the year around Lake Calhoun today, I was struck by how ridiculously content I felt. And that feeling hasn't gone away. Sure, it's probably partially due to the weather (70? in March? Hello, spring in Minnesota!) and was generated initially by the endorphins generated from a roughly five-mile, kickass walk.

The fact remains that I'm pretty happy with my life. Sure, I'm slightly annoyed with my job, but that's about it at the moment for things that would take away from my otherwise happy life. And I'm not such a dreamer that I would think everything in my life should be perfect. If you don't have bad things or bad times, you can't really appreciate the good things.

I'm still amazed to see how many people read the crap I write. But it's nice to know that you all are out there. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Congtats on one year!

Anonymous said...

Congrats bacon!!!! I like what you write and don't think of it as crap at all! :) csmc

Jess said...

Thanks, y'all!

Anonymous said...

you rock jessy.
and ps. my blog looks just like your blog. great minds once again!!! - ADD1CT/*B*O*B*