31 March 2007


This is the last day of the year where I will get to watch eight hours of basketball (the Bulls are playing the Cavs at the moment). Unless there's a weekend day during the early rounds of the NBA playoffs where there are games all day. Probably, but who wants to watch the Spurs? Not me, sister.

It's a perfect day to be hanging out on the couch watching hoops -- it's cold, rainy and gray in Minneapolis. I'm glad I stocked up on beer on my way home from yoga. There's no good reason to be going back out there. If there wasn't so much basketball to watch, I'd probably be napping.

I'm tantalizingly close to doing well in all of my NCAA pools, still. However, in the grand scheme of things I don't think I have a chance to win anything. So brackets be damned -- I'm cheering for Georgetown. I nearly went to grad school there, if for no other reason.

28 March 2007


I have never been one to get geeked up over whatever new stamps the Post Office is releasing. I actually hate having to choose when I go buy stamps.

No, I don't want the Love stamps. What's that? No, I just threw up a little in my mouth. No, I don't want the Christmas stamps even though I'm mailing Christmas cards.

But, um, the Postal Service (the guys who deliver your mail, not the band) will be releasing stamps at the end of May to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.

It seems they're being released as a stamp set and then you can vote on which single stamp among the 15 gets it's own sheet. This is all a little confusing to me, as I'm not a philatelist. I'm just a Star Wars nerd who wants to mail her rent check with Boba Fett gracing the upper-right corner of the envelope.

Seriously -- I'm totally stoked about this.

27 March 2007

Search terms.

I like to check my Site Meter stats every so often to see the search terms people are using to find my blog. There have been more than I would ever have imagined searching "beard conditioner" and "Anthony LaPanta." I'm not all that surprised by the number that have arrived searching for lip exfoliant.

Until yesterday, my favorite was someone who Googled "horse fucker" (or perhaps it was "fucking") and apparently because of my wild cursing and all of the Barbaro posts, was directed to my blog.

Like I said, that was up through yesterday. Someone used Google Translate (which I didn't even know existed) and was directed here by searching "hot bacon emotions" in German, I think.

Hot bacon emotions. What else would your bacon emotions be if not hot?

25 March 2007

Bacony Blogiversary.

One year ago today, I started this blog. I'd actually started blogging on MySpace in December 2005. It wasn't until June that I decided to blog here exclusively.

One of the reasons I started blogging was to have an outlet for some of the crap I was going through with the guy I was dating at the time. I wasn't in a very good place. Quite frankly, the whole thing was making me crazy. I'm not too proud to admit that.

Looking back, it's hard to believe I was in such a bad place a year ago. When I was on my way back from my first walk of the year around Lake Calhoun today, I was struck by how ridiculously content I felt. And that feeling hasn't gone away. Sure, it's probably partially due to the weather (70? in March? Hello, spring in Minnesota!) and was generated initially by the endorphins generated from a roughly five-mile, kickass walk.

The fact remains that I'm pretty happy with my life. Sure, I'm slightly annoyed with my job, but that's about it at the moment for things that would take away from my otherwise happy life. And I'm not such a dreamer that I would think everything in my life should be perfect. If you don't have bad things or bad times, you can't really appreciate the good things.

I'm still amazed to see how many people read the crap I write. But it's nice to know that you all are out there. Thanks for reading.

24 March 2007

4:19? Really?

Who gets up at 4:19 a.m. on a Saturday? Me, that's who.

It was a lovely day for a nap on the bed. And I did say I wanted to wake up without an alarm today. I should probably be more a little more specific about those kinds of things in the future.

23 March 2007

Deck bloggin'

It's 65 and sunny in Minneapolis, and what better place to be blogging than my deck? Tops and windows are down on cars. Not only are there dudes in shorts out and about, but there are girls in shorts, too. Families are walking by on their way to the park or just out for a walk. I've seen roughly a bajillion dogs in the 45 minutes I've been out here.

I have my own music playing on the laptop (currently, Camera Obscura's "Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken"), but I can hear music coming from down the street. Better yet, I can smell meat being grilled.

Sure, there are still wee patches of snow around and we statistically are due about another five to six inches of snow before the end of snow season, but Spring has sprung in Minneapolis.

I'll have to check this later for errors and to post pictures, because the sun is in my eyes and I can't see jack shit out here at the moment.

21 March 2007

So many white people.

I'm still torn as to whether I should be surprised at how overwhelmingly white the crowd was for last night's show by The Roots at First Avenue. The Roots aren't exactly mainstream hip hop. And the show was sponsored by The Onion and every Minneapolis hipster's best friend, The Current. So I probably shouldn't have been surprised, but both my friend and I couldn't get over it.

I love The Roots. They're one of the bands that stayed with me when I realized that I'd finally seen one too many booties shaking in videos and transformed from a hip hop-loving girl to the elitist hipster music snob that I am today. Maybe it's because they are an actual band. Maybe it's because they're not rapping about clothes or cars or Cristal. Maybe it's because they're just so damn good.

Despite them loving the hip hop, so very many of my fellow Caucasians in the house last night still have little to no rhythm. "Lisa's bad dancing makes my feet sad."

After being very underwhelmed or downright disappointed by the shows I saw in the first half of March, the latter half has pretty much rocked my world. Last night's show was the culmination. The Roots' horn section was a brass band. They had a sousaphone player. A sousaphone player! They came to the stage like they were marching in a parade in New Orleans. ?uestlove led the way, setting the rhythm on a cowbell. The rest of the members of the band were interspersed among the brass band. I saw a tambourine, another cowbell, Black Thought carried a bullhorn. The procession started from the VIP room on First Ave's second floor, went all the way across and came down the steps in front of us before ending on stage.

And it only got better from there. Where else are you going to hear a brass band, a medley (I don't like calling it that, but what else would you call when you do snippets from a bunch of songs in succession?) of old school hip hop covers, Bob Dylan and The Police covers, a male guitarist filling in for Erykah Badu/Jill Scott and doing an awfully good job of it, plus their own original material all from the same band in the same night on one stage? And all while surrounded by poorly dancing white dudes? Yeah, that's what I thought.

I'm hurting from getting home at 1:00 two nights in a row. My hearing certainly has to be suffering. But it was totally worth it.

20 March 2007

Don't be that guy.

There was a kid at the Sebadoh show last night who was that guy. He was flossing his newly-purchased Sebadoh t-shirt when the band went on stage. There was nothing on my ticket that would indicate the age restriction for the show, but seeing that kid was proof positive it was an 18+ show. I guess it's nice that he's enthusiastic.

Quite honestly, I'd rather have that kind of enthusiasm than the brand of enthusiasm displayed by the girl who looked like a less severe Shelley Duvall. She squeezed in front of us right before the band started and proceeded to flail about to create more space for herself. She responded to anything that was said on stage. Lou Barlow said that they'd played a lot of great shows in Minneapolis and terrible ones, too. She came back with, "Oh, that's okay. It happens." I'm sure he was comforted. I really thought I would remember more of the stupid shit that came out of her mouth, but I'm drawing a blank now. I wasn't the only one she was making crazy, though. Toward the end of the show a guy who was a considerable distance away shouted, "Shut UP, woman," after something she said. That was nice.

There were a lot of annoying people in that crowd, including the dude who yelled, "My voice is gone!" Um, obviously it isn't if you can still yell, Sparky. And there was the person who was ripping ass and then apparently shit their pants. It's a small space. It's hot. Have a little consideration.

But none of those things ruined the show for me. It was great, from the first band through Sebadoh. Once again, though, I forgot my camera. The whole "taking pictures of all the shows I'm seeing this month" thing didn't pan out. Such is life.

The Roots play First Ave tonight, then there's nothing until March 31 (Sondre Lerche if The Slats aren't playing). Well, not nothing. There are plenty of shows between tonight and March 31, but I'm not going to them. I just can't. After four shows, plus 12 hours of drinking on St. Patrick's day, I'm beat. And there's no one I'm dying to see anyway. It'll be nice to have a weekend to be leisurely about watching basketball and not doing much else.

15 March 2007

Hoops blogging.

I'm home today from work to enjoy what are quite possibly the best days of the year -- the opening days of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. I mean, come on -- there are 32 games being played today and tomorrow. And Saturday is St. Patrick's Day, with more basketball games. I'm in heaven!

Is there any rhyme or reason for the games that CBS decides to show in a market like Minneapolis, when there obviously isn't a Minnesota team playing, or a Big Ten team playing (at the moment anyway)? Why the hell am I watching Penn and Texas A&M in the South region? How about Butler and ODU? Butler is in Indianapolis. That makes a tiny bit of sense, geographically speaking. I'd also take whatever game Kevin Harlan happens to be calling. The teams wouldn't matter, Kevin would keep me interested.

Now that the games have started, the obsessive watching of my brackets begins. I think I'm in three different pools, but only one is for money, and very little money at that. Another is for bragging rights that will soon be forgotten and the last? The last is for a Jesus statue.

I want that statue.

And if I have to see this State Farm commercial with Mike Krzyzewski a million times during the tournament, I'm switching to Geico. Or Progressive. Wait, not Geico. I can't stand those stupid-ass caveman commercials. Progressive it will be!

14 March 2007

Can you scan my bacon?

The Twin Cities are all abuzz over some Muslim cashiers at Target refusing to scan and bag pork products. The piece in Buzz.mn, the Star Tribune's community pages was up yesterday and has generated more than 600 comments as of this afternoon.

Today, there is a news story about it as well (co-written by Matt McKinney, who hired me to work at the Minnesota Daily, incidentally). I'd actually heard about this several weeks ago when a friend told me that a Muslim cashier at SuperTarget in Roseville wouldn't scan his ham. Hahahahahaha. Scan his ham sounds like it could be dirty.

Anyway, many of the comments in the Buzz.mn piece are frightening. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that people feel completely free to let their hate and ignorance spew when they have an anonymous forum in which to do so.

I'm not even quite sure where I stand on the issue. For one thing, I get the vast majority of my pork products from my parents' freezer, save for the occasional frozen pepperoni pizza. And is it really any skin off my back if I have to wait an extra minute for another cashier to come over and scan and bag the pizza? I'd rather wait for that than wait behind some moron who can't count in the express lane. It says "10 Items or less," fuckwad. Is it that you can't read or you can't count? Also, it should be "10 items or fewer," but I digress.

Is it the same as Muslim cab drivers refusing fares at the airport when someone has liquor with them? How about a pharmacist refusing to fill a prescription for birth control pills or emergency contraception? I had a Latina doctor who wouldn't write me a prescription for birth control pills because it was against her Catholic beliefs. I was warned ahead of time and made an appointment with another doctor. Yeah it was annoying, but I respect her sticking by her convictions, at the very least. Just like getting a different cab driver or waiting for a back up cashier, it wasn't anything more than a minor inconvenience to me to respect someone's deeply-held beliefs.

That being said, if you can't or won't fulfill the duties of your job, you probably shouldn't be working that job. Ultimately, though, doesn't the decision rest with Target, who is the employer? They're a business and run their business the way they see fit within the law. They've made reasonable accommodations for the Muslim cashiers who cannot touch pork products and it doesn't really seem to cause more than a small delay while you wait for someone to pop over and scan your pork. Stop shopping at Target if you don't like what they're doing.

Also, stop bitching about immigrants sapping the welfare system and simultaneously bitching about them working. "Get a job! But not that job. Or that job. Or that job."

13 March 2007

You expect me to work? Really?

Sweet, merciful crap do I have Spring Fever. It's sunny and in the low 50s at the moment. I ran out to the post office and I very nearly didn't come back. Ach, if I wasn't taking Thursday and Friday off already, I'd absolutely be playing hookey today.

Stay tuned: I'm going to be blogging from the deck tonight! I will not waste this nice day before we get hit with a cold front later in the week.

Here's a preview:

Mmmmmm ... this wine is good. You can really taste the $2 difference over the Three Buck Chuck.

There's a lot of traffic tonight.

I love wine.


12 March 2007


I hate being crabby and frustrated. I really hate being crabby and frustrated on a beautiful day. I hate being sick. I really hate being sick on a beautiful day.

But I really, really hate being crabby, frustrated and sick on a beautiful day.

Meh. It'll pass. Plus, instead of being at work on Thursday and Friday, I'll be home on the couch enjoying booze and basketball all day. Ach, it'll be glorious!

For those of you playing along at home, Egghead Jr. was sporting his capri-pant shorts and just a t-shirt this morning. It was around 40 when we got off the bus. Bless his little heart.

09 March 2007

How many will there be?

Today's high temperature in Minneapolis is supposed to be in the upper 40s -- it's currently 45 according to the Star Tribune. As anyone who lives here knows, this is prime dudes in shorts time. We had a glimpse before we were buried in snow and then fell into a cold snap. But it looks like it might be around to stay now (52 on Tuesday?! *swoon*).

I know the burning question on minds everywhere is: just how many dudes in shorts will I see today?

I saw one yesterday and one today. However, the one I saw today is a wannabe thug who rides my bus and reminds me of Egghead Jr. who appeared alongside Foghorn Leghorn. He's been wearing shorts that could probably best be described as capri-length (along with the ubiquitous long white t-shirt that considerably longer than some skirts I've worn) since our first warm up and didn't stop even when it was 11 degrees earlier this week. Then again, he hasn't warm a proper coat all winter.

Perhaps over the weekend the ice- and snow-clogged sidewalks (bang-up job there, property owners in my neighborhood ... including my apartment management company) will clear so I don't have to take an extra 10 minutes to walk to and from the bus stop so I don't fall and bust my ass.

Now that I'm wireless and the temperature's on the rise, it won't be long until I'm live blogging my adventures drinking out on the deck. Or until I'm sitting out on the deck drinking at the very least. There's nothing quite like Spring in Minneapolis.

07 March 2007

No longer batting .1000

Last night I was supposed to see Tokyo Police Club open for Cold War Kids at the absolutely gorgeous Varsity Theater in Dinkytown. It wasn't until after we had gone into the theater and been there for 20 to 30 minutes that we found out Tokyo Police Club had canceled.

Now, I'm pretty good about checking up on shows before I go. When it gets to be the day of the show, I'm going to rely on the venue for such information. If you go to the Varsity's website right now (or had visited yesterday during the day or last night), you'll see Tokyo Police Club still listed. The Varsity didn't send out any bulletins on MySpace to say one of the bands had canceled. There wasn't even a hand-written sign on the doors. Do they feel they don't need to inform anyone because it's not the headlining band? Newsflash! Some people go to see the opening bands.

I'm still kinda pissed. I finally tracked down the "news" on Tokyo Police Club's website last night when I got home (after a stop at the Fetus to pick up new music to soothe my tortured soul). That news was posted on Monday, so I would figure that the Varsity should have known. I could have sold our tickets. The show was sold out. Instead, I saw some shitty band open (The Delta Spirit) and we left before Cold War Kids because I really can't stand them.

So, thanks Varsity Theater. You suck. You were so close to becoming my favorite venue in town. It should be noted that I can hold a grudge for a long time. Unfortunately, my desire to see a band will probably win out over holding a grudge that the entity the grudge is being held against is completely unaware of.

Cold War Kids are on The Current right now. How terribly fitting. I'm really hoping one of the upcoming shows next week or later in the month is completely mind-blowing (and surprisingly so) to make up for this huge disappointment. Yeah, I know it's silly to be upset about this still, but dammit, I wanted to see the band. Plus, I paid for a ticket and spent money on beer and food before the show.

And now on to two totally random things.

I've had an unruly strand of hair that's been wreaking havoc this week. It is in the front and apparently does not want to go with the hair on one side of my head and sure as hell won't be seen with the hair on the other side of my head. It goes in the middle. I'm like the Little Girl Who Had a Little Curl. Though, while it is in the middle of my forehead for the most part, it's really long, so it's not exactly little. However, like the Little Girl, when I'm good ... blah blah blah.

On Sunday night I had a dream that I was hanging out at Liquor Lyle's with Kevin Garnett. Apparently, I was going to interview him for my blog (I may have a little I Dislike Your Favorite Team on the brain). Alas, KG and I were having such a blast just hanging out that I never got around to doing the interview -- we even talked about paring it down to three questions, but that didn't happen either. I can't even stay focused in a dream, for Pete's sake.

06 March 2007

I'll tell you what I'm not okay with.

If you read the online edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune or you ride or see Metro Transit buses around town, you've no doubt seen these ads featuring a shitload of dead cockroaches, or worse, dead mice and some ad copy about whatever is in cigarette smoke or second hand smoke also kills bugs and mice, followed by "Are you okay with that?" or something. I don't know for sure what they say because I'll be goddamned if I'm going to look at a picture of dead mice. It's an ad campaign from Clear Way Minnesota, which I'm going to go ahead and guess is an anti-smoking group.

You know, I'm pretty much okay with the ad featuring the dead cockroaches. I'm not afraid of bugs. And you see dead bugs every day. It's the dead mice that bother me. Now, dead mice are better than living ones, but regardless, I don't want to look at them. I don't want to think about them. I certainly don't want to have to half close my eyes every time I click a link to a story on the Strib in case I get the dead mice ad.

And you know, it is especially appropriate when I'm reading a recipe in the Taste section. Let me tell you, there is nothing that makes a recipe look more appetizing than a picture of several dead mice directly above it. Delicious!

Oh, but the best part is this: when I got off my bus downtown today and watched it pull away, I saw the dead mice on the side of the bus.

Let me tell you something, Clear Way Minnesota: I'm *this* close to taking up smoking just to spite you for your disgusting fucking ads. I've never smoked a day in my life, but there are so many anti-smoking ad campaigns that drive me so absolutely crazy that I want to take up smoking for spite.

Thankfully, I'm not so insane as to actually follow through.

04 March 2007

I'm not a fan of Sundays.

Sundays, as a rule, suck big hairy donkey balls. I've never, ever liked Sundays. My parents have this Sunday ritual that they've done, well, forever I guess. Sunday dinner is popcorn and when I was in junior high and high school I didn't like the way my mom made popcorn (she used lard *vomit*), so I'd make my own dinner and hide away for the night watching whatever Sunday TV I wanted to watch because the rest of the family was watching the Disney Sunday movie or some shit. Every Sunday feels like that to me still.

Now that I'm an adult (hahahahahahaha) I'm forced to really think about the upcoming week -- Do I have food to take for lunch? What am I going to wear? Which days this week do I wash my hair? Do I have enough clean underwear? There's the whole "trying-to-get-to-bed-at-a-decent-hour-so-I'm-not-exhausted-all-week" dance I attempt and generally am incredibly unsuccessful at doing. Staying up until 3:00 a.m. on Saturday and sleeping late don't really help matters.

But above all of this, Sundays just seem so lonely. I still feel like I'm at home, isolated from the family. I had a fun weekend, so that should be sticking with me. I'm going to see Tokyo Police Club on Tuesday, so it's not as if I have nothing to look forward to this week. It doesn't matter, though. Sunday is still going to be a desolate wasteland.


I'm keeping to my word about the shitty photography. I have exactly one passable photo from the Pete Yorn/Aqualung show on Friday night, so here it is. I wish I'd taken one of b cox's solo set at the Nomad last night, but I was too busy trying to be supportive to worry about taking a picture. Plus, I had a really shitty purse for trying to get a camera out while holding a beer in the other hand.

Also, a big hello and welcome to y'all who found me through Metroblogging Minneapolis.

02 March 2007

Music Month.

Tonight I begin my quest to see as many of the bands coming to Minneapolis this month that I possibly can. There are financial constraints, of course. There's also the whole time thing to consider. I have a 9-5 job (or really 8:30-4:30) that requires me to be alert and focused most days, so I can't be out at late rock shows every night of the week. But dammit, I'm going to give it a try.

Tonight, it's Pete Yorn and Aqualung at First Ave. This means I'm missing Mark Mallman's show at the Triple Rock. Tomorrow night, my favorite band in all of Minneapolis, The Slats let us drink from the Goblet of Rock one more time before they hit the road to rock the collective socks of SXSW.

The rest of the month? Looks like this:

Cold War Kids with Tokyo Police Club
Badly Drawn Boy
The Faint
TV on the Radio
Of Montreal
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
The Roots
Blood Brothers
The Hopefuls
Maria Taylor
Kid Dakota
Piebald with MC Chris
Explosions in the Sky
Sondre Lerche

And this is just a small portion (mostly shows I want to see or am absolutely going to see because I bought tickets weeks ago) of what's going on in Minneapolis in March. Now, you may think me a wuss (or a lunatic) because I'm (only) going to try to see 20 or so shows in a month. Or you may hate the bands I'm going to see. I'm a live music-loving, elitist hipster music snob. Sorry.

When other people wonder aloud (or when I do it myself) as to why I would live somewhere that gets so cold that I can't wait for the bus with any skin exposed, lest it freeze; or somewhere it snows two feet or more in a week, I look at my calendar and see all the great bands that stop here when they tour. I check the club websites and see all the great bands who play here because they live here and I wonder why in the hell would I ever think of living anywhere else? I admit it -- I'm a shameless Minneapolis lover.

Now, I am The World's Worst Concert Photographer (seriously, I suck) but I shall not be intimidated by my own lack of skill. I plan to take a bunch of pictures at every show so as to document this crazy month of music. Of course, I'll post some of the results so you can see just how god-awful I am at the photography.

And before you know it, April will be here and it'll be time for Music Month: Redux. Or Music Month: The Sequel, if you prefer.

01 March 2007

Snow day!

There were a few hours earlier this morning when I was wondering whether or not I'd made the right decision in working from home today. But I think I did the right thing.