27 February 2007

When multitasking isn't a great idea.

It's probably not the best idea to call your daughter's doctor to request a refill for her Adderall prescription while you're peeing in a public bathroom.

Hey, I know your time is valuable. You've made that painfully obvious all the times I've entered the bathroom and heard you yammering away on your cell phone to someone while you're taking a dump.

I really don't need to know your business. And somehow I think your daughter would probably not appreciate you spilling her business out there for anyone who happens to be within earshot at the time. Lord knows, the people at the doctor's office want to hear you pissing while you're talking to them.

You, lady, are one klassy broad.


Big Blue Monkey said...

That's troubling.

Jess said...

Oh honey, you don't know the half of it.

another jess in uptown said...

I once heard a woman in the next stall explaining to her guy very condescendingly that he wasn't fulfilling her needs ... and then pretty much breaking up with him. nice.