09 February 2007

What I did with my tax refund.

I'm not done spending it yet, of course. I really, really, really am going to try to save some of it. Why must I be so horrible with money?

Anyway, let me tell y'all about the exciting things I've purchased so far with my tax refund:

On Monday, I bought a wireless router. Now I can blog from the deck when the weather gets nice. If nice weather ever returns, of course. I also picked up a couple of CDs -- Lily Allen and The Black Keys. And I purchased the previously mentioned (and still unused) electronic pest repeller.

Tuesday it was hair stuff. Wheee! Wednesday ... oh, Wednesday. I bought new underwear on Wednesday! This marks my first foray into boy shorts. They're interesting. They have yet to be given the gym test. Should they pass the gym test, I'll be sold. Granted, I bought the underwear partly to avoid doing laundry. But I realized yesterday that I was out of warm socks and had to do laundry anyway. Such is life.

Today, it's bras. Hot damn. Foundation garments, computer peripherals and hair products -- I know how to have a good time. The party is not stopping here, either. I still plan to buy a couple of books and a dutch oven. *sigh* When did I turn into an adult?

Stuart Little update: I managed to hang out in my living room all night last night with a minimum of stress and worry. The beer and wine helped, of course. I discovered that the initial box of d-con I'd put out behind the couch on Saturday night was basically empty. I'm at once pleased and totally creeped out by all of this. That explains why none of the others appear to have been touched, I guess. Stuart (and his buddies?) went nuts on the first box. By now, he/they should be dead or nearly dead. I'd rather not happen upon their wee corpses, if it's all the same to whoever is in charge of that.

I still have a few more steps to conquer before I get my reward. The MAC store will be super crowded on the weekend, anyway. Maybe I'll get my make up done for my birthday next weekend. If I have an appointment to spend money, it'll be a lot easier.

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