07 February 2007

Jess 2, Stuart Little 1

I've managed to not only sleep at home the past two nights, but sleep really well. It's true that Monday night I was exhausted from little sleep and a hangover and last night ... was probably just a continuation of being tired. However, the fact remains that I was brave. Kinda.

Between errands, yoga and just being tired, I haven't spent much time at home. Tonight won't be all that much different as I need to run and errand and go to the gym. I had planned to stay home tomorrow night, though, and through the weekend.

I have to move some of the d-con my friend placed before we left Sunday night. It's only in my living room and I haven't looked all that closely, but it doesn't really appear that any of it's been eaten. That is going to require serious bravery. I'm hoping that armed with rubber gloves and my bad-ass red snakeskin boots, I'll be able to accomplish that task.

I bought an electronic pest repeller (but not this one) the other night at Target and have yet to plug it in. It emits some ultrasonic sound or something that supposedly keeps mice, roaches and spiders away. If I get a two-for-one with the spiders and have fewer spiderwebs to vacuum up, awesome. The reason I haven't plugged the contraption in yet is silly. I'm afraid a mouse (or worse yet, mice) will immediately emerge in search of somewhere to go to get away from the sound. And that's why I will do it right before I leave for the gym tonight.

This is the one time in my life that I really wish I had a boyfriend. Though, the last time I had mice, I had a boyfriend and he was less than supportive about it. He was also a cheating asshole. Still, I pride myself on being an independent woman (Pre-Rapture Girl? Post-Millenium Gal?) and hate that something like this makes me feel I need a man.

But if I can be brave, there's a reward in it for me -- a trip to the MAC store. That's Make-up Art Cosmetics, not the computer store. Mama needs a new lip gloss. And maybe a new lipstick. And eyeshadows.


Big Blue Monkey said...

thanks for the image of mice fleeing in all directions at the plugging over the electronic noise emitter.

That never figured into my calculus when I considered buying one of those, and now, at some point, that image probably will.

Jess said...

Hey, that picture is on the freakin' package. Though, in my mind it's much, much worse.

Also, glad to help!

AmyD said...

Best blogline(s) of the week:

"Though, the last time I had mice, I had a boyfriend and he was less than supportive about it. He was also a cheating asshole. "

Ahahaaaa! Tell it like it is, woman! LOVE IT.

Good luck catching mickey, and have a great (mouse-free) weekend! :o)

Jess said...

Why, thanks Amy. I'm glad I have friends (and friends) who were supportive this time around.

I'm really hoping Mickey/Stuart/Mighty has succumbed to the power of the poison by now and I'll be free of his tyranny. Until next year, I guess.