23 February 2007

I need to buy stuff.

My tax refund shopping jones has finally hit me. It's odd because I usually get it at the same time I get my refund, not two weeks later. I was content to mostly buy stuff I needed (bras and underwear) at that point. Okay, I bought a couple of lip glosses and CDs.

Maybe it's because I don't have anything hanging over my head at work today. Maybe the barometric pressure from the impending snow storm is affecting my brain. However, instead of thinking I need to go to the grocery store to buy 15 gallons of milk, I need a new purse or something. Whatever it is, I need to shop. I ordered a book, DVD and CD from Amazon this morning. I'm watching a few vintage purses on eBay. Ordering things online is just not scratching my itch, though. So, I'm going to stop at the mall on my way home (but not home, as I'm house sitting). To buy what? I haven't a clue. I need new sneakers to wear ... around, I guess. The ones I wear most days are falling apart.

I don't really understand my desire to shop in stores. I generally hate shopping (unless it's for make up or at Target for anything). When I have money, I can't find things on which to blow it. When I'm broke, there are roughly a bazillion things I want -- no, desperately need!

The comforting thing about this is that I most likely will go into one store, get frustrated and leave without spending any money.

Also, who the fuck wrapped these Starburst up so goddamn tight? I want my fake, fruit-flavored sugar with minimal fuss, you assholes.


Anonymous said...

Them starburst can be a bitch.

Jess said...

There is a downside to most fake-fruit candies. My friend got Dots at the Timberwolves game today. I think they're still stuck in my teeth.