02 February 2007

Enjoy your frostbite, suckers.

When I left home this morning to catch my bus it was -7F with a -25F windchill. Oddly enough, when I left at 5:30 a.m. to take Carrie to the airport it was -6 with a -20 windchill. I hate when it gets colder before I leave for work. Both times I went out, I was wearing four layers under my coat and was bundled to the point that really the only exposed skin I had was around my eyes.

There was a guy waiting for the bus with me who was wearing a fleece and gloves. No real coat, nothing on his head or covering his ears. Well, he did cover his ears with his hands, I guess. The thing is, he wasn't the only person I saw wearing just a fleece. And I saw plenty of people without anything on their hands or heads.

I can understand high schoolers doing that kind of thing. Lord knows I was stupid and cared more about how I looked than whether or not I was going to freeze when I was that age. But once I got to college and had to walk around campus in the cold, I stopped caring. I only wanted to be warm. I was even somewhat guilty of not dressing all that properly for the weather when I drove to work. However, that all changed when I started taking the bus. Even five minutes waiting in a semi-covered shelter can be torture if it's cold enough.

What baffles me is adults not dressing properly; especially when they know they are going to be outside for a while. Did you not know that it was going to be below zero? Or that the windchills are going to be near dangerous levels -- the levels where your skin can freeze in mere minutes if it isn't covered? Because it's all anyone has been talking about all week.

So, you go ahead and enjoy your frostbite. I'll bundle up and deal with weird hair. At least I'll be warm.


Becca said...

Enjoy your frostbite sucker... It's 59 degrees here in Texas and Jake and I are considering turning on the heat...

Jess said...

It doesn't take long to assimilate, does it?