20 February 2007

Dudes in shorts.

There is a heat wave hitting Minneapolis. For two days now, the temperature has reached more than 40 degrees. This would be cause for celebration regardless, but it's especially delightful after the bitter cold we'd been experiencing.

This of course means that there are dudes in shorts out and about. I saw five today, but just one yesterday. To be fair, four of the five that I saw today were out running. Really only one was inappropriately dressed and he seemed to be a stupid high school kid. And Lord knows high school kids are all about dressing inappropriately, for the weather or otherwise.

It's difficult to realize that the weather won't be getting warmer from here on out. There is bound to be another round of cold; not as cold as it had been, but it will go back down. And March is the snowiest month, so it's not over yet. However, I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The sun is still up when I get home from work. There is not a lot of snow on the ground.

Spring is just around the corner!


Anonymous said...

But, Bacon-Lady, with this lack of snow, our watertable is all sorts of screwy. Think of the farmers!

Think of the potential shortfalls in bacon.

Or do you have some sort of inside line?

Jess said...

I absolutely do have an inside line on bacon -- free bacon. And, believe me, I know about the plight of the farmers.

I'll just hope for a lot of rain.